What you going to do? - Week 2 - season 1

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What you going to do? - Week 2 - season 1 Empty What you going to do? - Week 2 - season 1

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:13 pm

We cut backstage to the locker room area and we see the word 'ANARCHY' spray painted on the wall. The camera pulls out and we reveal general manager, William Regal, Laz Langston and UCW world champion, Hank Harris.

Laz Langston: I specifically said that i wanted this vandalism removed from the wall, yet here we are, a week later and still I'm looking at it. Care to explain how that is, after YOU said you would get it removed.

William scratches his head.

William Regal: I don't understand? I made a call, it should have been taken care of, I do apologise gents.

Laz Langston: Save the apologies and just get it removed! Or do I need to take care of it myself? And while I'm at it, maybe i should run the federation too?

William laughs.

William Regal: Oh so dramatic as always Mr Langston! But let's not forgot that it is I who runs this federation, not you and I will continue to run it until I'm told otherwise.

Suddenly Laz's mobile phone begins to ring.

Laz Langston: Listen Regal I don't have time for excuses just get it cleaned up! It better be gone by the time i get back...

Laz answers his phone.

Laz Langston: Hello...yes this is he.

Laz exits and continues speaking on his phone. William turns to Hank who is looking distant.

William Regal: So what's up champ? You feeling good? Last week was a pretty rough night for you.

Hank casts William a stern glance.

Hank Harris: Listen Regal, I'm not interested in having any chit chat! Like Laz said we need this garbage scrubbing off the walls!

William Regal: Ok, ok...I can see that last week is a sore spot, obviously. Then again i guess no one likes to lose, do they...especially the champion of the world.

William laughs a little.

Hank Harris: I don't give a damn about last week! When I need to get the job done, I get it done, that's why I'm holding this...

Hank shows off his world title on his shoulder.

Hank Harris: Last week's match was a joke! Nothing but a circus show for you and the fans! You better think twice before putting me in a match like that again...

William Regal: Hank...I understand...

Hank looks confused.

Hank Harris: You...you do?

William Regal: Of course I do, when the time comes Mr Harris you're going to have to make a choice. Not for me, not for the Corporation and not for Laz...but for you.

Hank looks confused.

Hank Harris: What are you talking about.

William Regal makes his way to the door.

William Regal: You know what I'm talking about...you've known for a while. See you later Champ, enjoy your week off.

Regal exits the room leaving Hank looking at the word ANARCHY.

Hank Harris: (To himself) Anarchy...you have no idea.

The camera fades.
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