On my own again - week 2 - season 1

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On my own again - week 2 - season 1 Empty On my own again - week 2 - season 1

Post by King of Wolves on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:12 pm

Mysterious Indian tribal music fills the arena and as King of Wolves appears on the stage.
Dressed in a black top and blue jeans.
He is greeted by a mixture of cheers and jeers.
It doesn't bother him and he just smirks as he makes his way to the ring with a steady pace.
He walks up the steps and across to the centre of the ropes before he enters by leaping over the top rope.
A mic is handed to him and he simply waits for the noise to die down before he starts.
He has an angry look on his face.

King of Wolves: I have something to say but first I have something for you all to watch.
If you're a decent UCW fan, then this will be old footage, but still, I want everyone to watch it.

King of Wolves points to the back.

King of Wolves: Roll the beep footage NOW!!

The Tron shows a countdown of 1,2,3 and then footage from King of Wolves last match is shown.

Kathepsin grabs Bloody Knuckles' head
jumping with an 180° spin to perform a Jumping Twisting DDT

Alexander Adams: Kathespin is rolling! Another devastating DDT and bloody knuckles face is bleeding! Bloody Knuckles is down and he's hurt.

Jesse Ventura: Meanwhile, King has a submission move locked in on Surfer! The ref looks confused. How can he see if Surfer taps if he does the count out?

King of Wolves keeps his ruthless submission hold
King of Wolves keeps his ruthless submission hold

Kathepsin tries a pinning maneuver
King of Wolves keeps his ruthless submission hold
The referee starts counting...
The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Alexander Adams: Surfer is holding on and is not tapping, the ref has started a slow count, it has to be said.

King of Wolves keeps his excruciating submission hold
The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo
King of Wolves keeps his ruthless submission hold

Alexander Adams: This is a valiant effort by Surfer but he's putting his career on the line just to win a match.

Jesse Ventura: Now that's commitment and not wanting to let your team mate down.

The referee is counting: Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bloody Knuckles IS OUT!!!!!!
The team King of Wolves/Bloody Knuckles is eliminated!!
Team Surfers Duo wins the match and defeats his rivals!

Alexander Adams: It's all over! Surfer managed to resist tapping and Bloody is counted out, much to the annoyance of King Of Wolves who has stormed backstage and left Bloody in the ring alone.

Jesse Ventura: Surfers Duo with their first ever match in UCW! What an incredible victory. I know I was rooting for Bloody and King but they won me over their Xander.

Alexander Adams: What a great turn of events! Surfers Duo have finally won! But what next for Bloody and King Of Wolves? Surely that is the end of their tag partnership?

The footage ends and the spotlight returns to the centre of the ring.

King of Wolves: Let me address a few things.
First of all, I was not beaten.
Bloody Knuckles was beaten and another thing he should be thankful I left him in the ring.
The mood I was in, I could have taken my revenge on the spot, but he will keep.
Now I have nothing against The Surfers, they did what they had to do, but maybe someday in the future, we may meet one on one.
But before Mr Regal, goes and books those matches, I am going to do something I have never done in before in my career.
I am going to ask for an opponent.
I want to face a champion at our next pay per view.
Lucifer Morgan, I want a shot at your gold.
It's nothing personal you understand, just buisness.

Shocked looks are upon the fans faces, they are seeing a different side to King of Wolves.

King of Wolves: Up to you champ, or Regal, or both.
One way or the other I will make you bleed.
Every King looks good in gold.

King of Wolves drops the mic and starts to exit the ring.
His strange music fills the arena once again as he makes his way backstage.
Fans are still in shock.

ooc Hope okay Hank, I just wanted a little shock factor to my character and I have a plan so will pm you soon.
If I mess up colours sorry in advance.
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On my own again - week 2 - season 1 Empty Re: On my own again - week 2 - season 1

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:42 pm

Great RP love it! Smile Added.
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