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Card - Week 5 - Season 1  Empty Card - Week 5 - Season 1

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:08 pm

Penultimate card before our PPV. The PPV card is pretty set at the moment so if you're not already in a rivalry, probably expect not to make a match at the PPV. This will probably be due to the fact that you have either been inactive during the season or not put forward an idea. After the Pay per view there will be a new 5 week season, followed by another PPV so please don't worry to much.

Any questions about the card below please feel free

ONE FALL: (Intercontinental Championship Tournament) Germanainor VS Soul Breaker

HARDCORE MATCH: Eagle Hatori VS Valdimir Korchenko - Ploughman to write (Eagle comes out on top but then is beat down by Uncle Korchenko at the end of the match)

TAG TEAM MATCH: Jigglypuff/Ploughman VS Surfers Duo (Tag Team Number 1 Contender Match)

HANDICAP MATCH: Loko Loki/Michael Kris VS Hollow

MAIN EVENT: LUMBERJACK MATCH: XXXTENTACION VS Nick Romero - No.1 contender contract for British Title (Lumberjack’s outside the ring – Billionaire – The Mediocre Warrior – Angelok – Witte Hardy – Glitter Arty - Collin Carter - Adam Colbert)
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