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Bolshoi Challenge #1 Empty Bolshoi Challenge #1

Post by Nick Romero on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:55 pm

Camera cuts back from the commercial break with an elderly man standing in the middle of the ring

Man: Dear, Universal Championship Wrestling fans, ladies and gents, my name is Gerard Parker and I run a wrestling talent agency. For decades I have groomed and trained wrestlers for various federations around the globe and I have raised talented young individuals to become champions and idols. I am the man behind celebrities. Tonight I want to present you with my latest signing who joined my agency while I was travelling Eastern Europe.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest addition to the Impact roster - Bolshooooooooiii Boooooooze.

Ethnic slavic music starts to play and a large hulking man steps out on the entrance ramp. He walks up to the commentator table and places a can of beer on it. He then steps into the ring.

Rai Lee: Is that beer for us?

Nick Hunt: I wouldn't touch that if I were you. This man looks like he might not take it well.

Gerard Parker: For years Mr.Booze has fought in underground leagues and matches, and now is his time to step outside in the light and show his skills to you all. He has expressed his interest to see what is your local fighting society. And he's a person who measures the quality of another man by how well they fight. Now, to prove to each and every one of you that I mean business, every show I will host a challenge. Any local guy is welcome to step in the ring with Bolshoi Booze. If the challenger manages to win, they will receive 5000 quid from me personally and an opportunity to sign with my agency.

Rai Lee: Wow, that's a great opportunity

Nick Hunt: Yeah, but the catch is - beating this monster. It doesn't seem very likely to happen.

Gerard Parker: So, is there any brave man who wants to give his dreams a go? This might be the best opportunity of your life.

A scrawny man jumps over security barricade and steps into the ring.

Gerard Parker: Now that's what I'm talking about. What's your name, kid?

Man: Stephen Moon, sir, and this is my day to shine.

Gerard Parker: Well, congratulations, Stephen, you are just a small step away from becoming a represented wrestler. All you have to do is pin or submit this man right here.

With that Gerard steps out of the ring grinning.

Nick Hunt: Well, I guess we have a match now. Bolshoi Booze versus Stephen Moon

Stephen Moon gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Stephen Moon open his arms ready to hit Bolshoi Booze
Bolshoi Booze defends himself with the hands stopping a Mongolian Chop
Stephen Moon charges his arm
Bolshoi Booze parries the Hook Punch
Stephen Moon prepares the back of his hand
Bolshoi Booze blocks Stephen Moon's hand, stopping a Back Hand Chop

Rai Lee: Booze seems to be untouchable!

Stephen Moon charges his arm
to hit Bolshoi Booze with a Hook Punch
Bolshoi Booze pulls himself together and fights back
Bolshoi Booze open his arms ready to hit Stephen Moon
and hits Stephen Moon on the face with the palms of the hands performing a Mongolian Chop

Nick Hunt: Ouch, those hulking hands have to hurt on Moon's face

Bolshoi Booze prepares to hit the rival
hits the rival quickly with his forearm performing a Forearm Smash
Bolshoi Booze grabs the rival's neck with his hands and he lifts him in the air
throwing him to the ground with unbelievable violence executing a Lifting & Toss
Bolshoi Booze diving on his rival
and strikes him with his back, executing a Senton Splash

Rai Lee: Oh my, that looked excruciating! And he seems to be going for another one.

Bolshoi Booze lunges at Stephen Moon
hitting him with his back, connecting with the Big Bad Splash
Bolshoi Booze gets above his laying opponent
Bolshoi Booze tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo
The referee is counting: Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Stephen Moon IS OUT!!!!!!
Bolshoi Booze WINS THE MATCH AND DEFEATS Stephen Moon!!!

Nick Hunt: That wasn't a match! That was a massacre.

Doctors rush in to check on the unconscious Stephen Moon. Meanwhile, Bolshoi Booze steps out of the ring grabs the can of beer and pops it open. He drinks it up in three gulps and leaves for the entrance ramp

Gerard Parker: It seems that Mr.Moon wasn't up for the challenge. Well, that means that there will be a new opportunity in two weeks. So, any brave volunteers, you better start training, because 5000 pounds will be waiting for you!

Rai Lee: Now this was something else. Poor Stephen, I hope he can regain his health soon.

Nick Hunt: Well, Mr.Parker know how to bait young guys in the ring. Let's just hope that they soon learn what they are risking with.

Gerard leaves the arena and the show returns to regular scheduling.

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Bolshoi Challenge #1 Empty Re: Bolshoi Challenge #1

Post by Nick Romero on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:55 pm

Please, check, if this could work.
If so, I'll add colors and formating later

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Bolshoi Challenge #1 Empty Re: Bolshoi Challenge #1

Post by Rogue Monk on Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:02 pm

It works don't worry about the format I will add it

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Bolshoi Challenge #1 Empty Re: Bolshoi Challenge #1

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