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Bolshoi Challenge #2 Empty Bolshoi Challenge #2

Post by Nick Romero on Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:41 pm

(if this is not too late, could you add this to the show as well. If it is too late, then add this to the next show.)
Sargon by Percival starts to play and Bolshoi Booze enters the arena followed up by his agent and manager Gerard Parker. Booze is carrying a can of beverage that he brings to the anouncer table and places there. Booze and Gerard enter the ring

Alexander Adams: This is the Velocity debut of the mighty Polish superstar Bolshoi Booze

Jesse Ventura: We saw a brief display of his strength and dominance in the very first Impact show where his agent offered to pay money to any rookie wrestler who could defeat his talent.

Alexander Adams: And what a mistake it was to answer the offer. I hear the guy who entered the ring with this animal is still in hospital

Gerard puts a microphone to his mouth and raises his free hand to silence the audience

Gerard: UCW universe, welcome to the best entertainement of your lives. My name is Gerard Parker, and this massive man here is my client, the vastly talented Bolshoi Booze.

Crowd responds with boos.

Jesse: I think they misheard him – it's Booze, not Boos.

Gerard: Oh, your opinion does not matter. What matters is the challenge I'm about to lay down in front of you. Be it Impact or Velocity, my buddy Booze has them both and before you start booing us even louder...

Crowd immediatelly increases their volume on the boos.

Gerard: ... let me offer you the same offer that me and Booze have been giving to amateurs and debutants all around the UK in these past weeks.

Alexander: Plural? They have held similar challenges to the one we saw on Impact?

Gerard: You heard it right. My client here was growing restless when his first opponent got smashed so fast, so we travelled to dojos, training facilities and even car-parks where wrestling wannabes were offered an amazing opportunity – pin or submit Bolshoi Booze and you get 5000 quid and a contract with my talent agency.

Alexander: I got to admit, it does sound tempting.

Jesse: Only as long as you don't look a that massive man you have to beat to get it. He shows no mercy.

Gerard: So, same as always, tonight we are here to make you dreams come true.

Jesse: Nightmares more likely.

Gerard: Anyone who steps up and enters the ring with Booze, will have an opporunity to earn quite a nice sum of money plus the priceless chance of having a determined talent agent like myself represent your interests. Is anyone brave enough to stare your destiny in the eyes and try out your luck. The risk, I must admit, is high, but the rewards are just as good.

Suddenly a muscled guy wearing yellow spandex and protective headgear enters the ramp and runs to the ring.

Gerard: Wonderful, we have a contestant. And it appears he has taken some protection. Smart. What's your name young man?

Contestant: Dune. Kevin Dune.

Gerard: Kevin, and why do you think that you can beat my talent and earn a spot at my company?

Kevin: I'm strong, fast and cunning and that animal will not be able to keep up with me.

Bolshoi Booze grins after the last comment.

Gerard: Well, best of luck to you then! Let me just get out of the ring.

Gerard exits, the referee enters and the match gets under way

Kevin Dune gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Kevin Dune open his arms
and hits Bolshoi Booze on the face with the palms of the hands performing a Mongolian Chop
Kevin Dune approaches Bolshoi Booze, getting in close range,
extends his arm out from the side of the body and parallel hitting him with a Standing Clothesline

Alexander: Hey, a good start for the challenger

Kevin Dune grabs Bolshoi Booze's hair
Kevin Dune grabs Bolshoi Booze's nape from behind with his right hand
Bolshoi Booze avoids being projected by the Snapmare
Bolshoi Booze pulls himself together and fights back
Bolshoi Booze pulls Kevin Dune still groggy, by his hair
Bolshoi Booze lifts Kevin Dune onto his shoulders in what looks like a torture rack
then he falls to his knees, while pulling down on Kevin Dune’s shoulders executing a Derailer
Bolshoi Booze grabs Kevin Dune 's hair
Bolshoi Booze grabs one of his opponent's arms and swings him into the ropes
Bolshoi Booze takes a run-up on the ropes, runs towards Kevin Dune
stretching his arm hitting his back with a Clothesline to Back

Jesse: Ouch, Bolshoi Booze takes no hostages!

Bolshoi Booze lunges at Kevin Dune
and strikes him with his back, executing a Senton Splash
Bolshoi Booze tries a pinning maneuver
The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo
Kevin Dune firmly pulls a shoulder up

Alexander: Oh my, Dune barely escapes. That was a close call.

Bolshoi Booze turns Kevin Dune up as he tries a mild, pointless reaction
Kevin Dune stares at Bolshoi Booze in front of him
and smacks his face with an Ear Slap
Kevin Dune stares Bolshoi Booze's in his eyes
and delivers a big smash on his neck, performing a Standing Clothesline

Jesse: Kevin has guts, this much we have to admit.

Bolshoi Booze lifts Kevin Dune up, still groggy
Kevin Dune grabs Bolshoi Booze's head
and hits him right into his face with a knee strike executing a Knee on Head
Bolshoi Booze grabs the laying opponent by the head
Kevin Dune doesn't let Bolshoi Booze drag him to the steps, avoiding the manoeuvre!!!
Kevin Dune gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Kevin Dune stares at Bolshoi Booze in front of him
Bolshoi Booze protects his ears with the hands and stops the Ear Slap
Kevin Dune open his arms ready to hit Bolshoi Booze
with a Mongolian Chop
Kevin Dune loads his arm chop style and
and strikes him with his forearm executing a Forearm Smash

Alexander: Dune has had some lucky hits but Booze seems to be unfazed. It's like you can't even hurt this monster.

Bolshoi Booze stares at Kevin Dune
and smacks his face with an Ear Slap
Bolshoi Booze dives into Kevin Dune with a clothesline
knocking him down executing a 3 Point Stance Charge
Bolshoi Booze lifts Kevin Dune , holding him horizontally against himself
and falls backward throwing Kevin Dune over the head down to the ring floor back-first executing a Super Fallaway Slam

Alexander: What a force in that slam!! Dune is done after this.

Bolshoi Booze tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo
The referee is counting: Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kevin Dune IS OUT!!!!!!

Jesse: Indeed! Short but efficient display of Booze's power and resilience.

Bolshoi Booze exits the ring and goes to the announcer's table where he takes his can of beer, pops it open and drinks in few large gulps.

Alexander: I guess, that is some sort of celebrational tradition for him.

Gerard Parker takes a mic again

Gerard: Well, I guess Mr.Dune wasn't ready enough. Ugh, a pity. Well, the Bolshoi Challenge is still open. And if you want to become a part of it just follow me on social media. To look us up type #Bolshoichallenge and you will also find which cities we are visiting in the following weeks. Be brave, be bold and try out your luck

Kevin Dune lets out a moan

Alexander: But be also smart!

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