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Post by Nick Romero on Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:04 pm

This is my alt character and I'd like for him to join Impact roster

Real name: Boris Bolshevik
Nickname: Big Bad Booze
From: Krakow, Poland
Weight: 373 lbs
Height: 6'8"
Theme music: Percival - Sargon (very powerful ethnic slavic theme)

Boris is a mean spirited man who enjoys displaying his strength and resilience. He is a bully by every meaning of the definition. He was involved in Polish underground fighting leagues until discovered by Gerard Parker (his manager in UCW). Since his English is quite limited, Parker does all the talking for him. After every victory the big guy pops open a can of alcoholic beverage (beer or something) and thus have earned himself the name The Big Booze which he changed to more Russian sounding Bolshoi Booze.
He's quite athletic for a guy his size.

In UCW Booze looks to prove his dominant side by preying on weaker opponents.

Bolshoi Booze jumps on [opponent] on the ground
hitting him with his back, connecting with Big Bad Splash (Senton Splash)

Bolshoi Booze runs towards [opponent]
Then somersaults and crashes into [opponent] executing The Big Bang

Picture:Bolshoi Booze 181392234570 (Massive Damage)

Manager: Gerard Parker - sleazy and annoying talent seeker who thinks he understands "the game" better than anyone else.
Manager's picture: Bolshoi Booze Richard%20kind%20brad%20barket%20getty (actor Richard Kind)

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