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Booze to the rescue Empty Booze to the rescue

Post by Nick Romero on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:05 am

(this should happen relatively early in the show while the UCW VS Kingdom D match still is some time off)

William Regal is backstage talking on the cellphone while Gerard Parker comes up to him from behind.

William Regal: Yes, I understand, I get it that you're not medically cleared yet but this is UCW we're talking about. I need you.

Gerard Parker: Khe-khem!

Regal looks around and notices Parker

William Regal: Look, I'll call you back. There's somebody who wants to talk with me.

Regal hangs up and turns fully to Gerard.

William Regal: Mr.Parker, how may I be of your service?

Gerard Parker: Oh, Mr.Regal, it's quite the opposite - how can I be of your service. And the answer is simple. Even though you've hanged up my calls and ignored my e-mails all week long, I've decided to help you in your current predicament and offer my client Bolshoi Booze as a member for your team against Kingdom D Elite.

William Regal: Well, thank you for the offer, but I will have to pass on that.

Gerard Parker: Excuse me? Pass on Booze? I think you are not quite well, Mr.Regal. You have to put together a team in about an hour and you're passing on such a talent?

William Regal: You see, I don't think that Bolshoi Booze represents the values that UCW holds and therefore he is not the best fit to be a part of team UCW.

Gerard Parker: Has the loss of control completely robbed you of common sense? What values? You are knees deep in horse excrement and sinking. You have no time, nor options to be picky. Who will you put on your team? Your stars Harris, Magnus, Juggles, Romero, Mediocre and others all are busy with their own matches. You are working with scrap parts and when someone offers you a nugget like Bolshoi Booze, you do not say - I pass! You fall to your knees and say: "Thank you, thank you, you kind sir, for giving me this opportunity to save my job!"

William Regal: If you think that I will fall on my knees, you must be...

Gerard Parker: Oh, for God sake, take Booze in your team and save your skin, you pathetic man!

William Regal: Well, the roster is running quite thin, I must agree. All right, Mr.Parker, please notify your client that I would gladly accept his help in tonight's tag team match.

Gerard Parker: Now see, was it really that hard? What do you say to your saviour?

William Regal
(reluctantly): Thank you.

Gerard Parker: I'll see you in ten minutes in your office so we can agree on the bonus that my client should receive for his extraordinary help.

Parker exits and Regal sighs.

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Booze to the rescue Empty Re: Booze to the rescue

Post by Kyra on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:58 pm

Added to the show! Great way to build up why Booze is on team Regal!

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