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Post by Soul Breaker on Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:13 pm

Name: Soul Breaker
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6'0

Theme Music: 'Spiritual Migration' by Persefone

"Feeling like I'm losing my home
My entire life is changing
Foundations of my known soul crumbles
All the experience, all my world, destroyed
Something is growing inside
A new life, a new force, a new me...

I'm now connected
With a mystical force
The perception is being deeper
My fake past disappears
Here and now
I let myself flow

I surrender to life
Leaving my being
To this immense source
As a river
Flows the ocean
Rooted into our mother Earth
I'm a channel
Between sky and ground
I feel conscious, alive
I'm one with life

Totally present
I see, clearly
We are asleep
Unconscious people
Atrophied beings
Having lost their essence

We have the big chance
To be full in this world
We create our life
Attracting all we want


Break all your limitations
Negative thoughts and feelings
You've dragged and fed for years
You've lived what you've chosen
Attracting it to you
Know that they seriously hamper
Our inner power growth

Because there is...
Imprisoned by ourselves
Waiting to be released
Comes from the universe
Wish to pass through you
And allows us to grow

I open my soul
My heart
My whole being (And flow!)
Transforming my vibrations
I realign myself, connect again with the source
Where we come from

I understand
I'm transcending from an imposed life
By our known world
To the great and majestic reality
A deep spiritual migration

The Universe helps me to flow
While I help our planet to rise
Perceiving this new reality
I feel gratitude and peace
We can always enjoy well-being
And feel the joy of being alive
Finding our place in this world
Is our spiritual migration"


Soul Purge -> [fighter] grabs [opponent]'s arm and pulls him down to the ground, on his stomach. [fighter] immobilizes [opponent]'s arm and traps it between his legs and then wraps his arms around [opponent]'s neck and pulls back viciously executing the infamous [move].

Soul Eraser -> [fighter] punches [opponent]'s throat violently and knees [opponent] powerfully getting him to bend down. [fighter] grabs [opponent]'s head and locks it between his legs. [fighter] wraps his arms by [opponent]'s belly and lifts him up high. [fighter] grins menacingly before connecting with his signature piledrive [move].


Soul Squeeze -> Full Nelson

Soul Trap -> Ankle Lock


Soul Gathering -> [fighter] closes his eyes and crosses his arms performing [move].

Soul Channeling -> [fighter] raises his arms towards the sky and starts performing [move]. [fighter] nods confidently, looks to his opponent and beats his chest, calling out his opponent and concluding [move].

Soulburn -> [fighter] opens his arms out wide and looks upwards. [fighter] screams violently and trembles viciously with energy. [fighter] looks toward his opponent with a renewed focus after performing [move].


Soul Breaker is a newcomer to the wrestling industry.
Despite many rumors, not much is exactly known about Soul Breaker, other than his penchant for wrestling.
Undoubtedly a gifted and talented wrestler, Soul Breaker definitely has a wrestling/fighting background and his opponents recognize his fearlessness and technical skill inside the ring.
Soul Breaker is mostly a reserved and calm individual outside the ring, though not many know him well enough to be able to make that claim. In the ring, Soul Breaker is intense and focused; occasionally Soul Breaker will become emotional and less controled during fights as he tends to show his "wild" and mean streak when things get out of control.

PS - Feel free to suggest/critic away Wink

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Soul Breaker Empty Re: Soul Breaker

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:34 pm

Great to have you with us Soul, please can you find a picture and post it on your profile so i can make your wrestler card, thanks
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Soul Breaker Empty Re: Soul Breaker

Post by Soul Breaker on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:32 am

Thanks, Hank!
Done Exclamation Wink
Soul Breaker
Soul Breaker

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Soul Breaker Empty Re: Soul Breaker

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