Soul Breaker - Standing up for UCW

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Soul Breaker - Standing up for UCW Empty Soul Breaker - Standing up for UCW

Post by Soul Breaker on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:00 pm

Part I
The feed comes back to a camera near Kyra’s office.
The sound of a door being closed can be heard close by. When the camera turns to face the entrance to Kyra’s office, the shadow of someone leaving the office can be seen across the floor. The camera nears the entrance and faces the accessing corridor but no one is there.
The camera faces Kyra’s door and there’s a slight pause, as if deciding to proceed. The camera gives a subtle nod as someone opens the door and the camera enters Kyra’s office. The only light inside it comes from a small lamp over Kyra’s desk. The camera goes around the desk and turns to look over it. A small note is there.
The camera zooms in to read its contents:

You and me. One on One. Tonight.
Soul Breaker”
Part II
Soul Breaker is warming up near the entrance ramp with a very focused look in his eyes. The camera quickly approaches before he his summoned into action.
Reporter: Soul Breaker! Soul Breaker! Can we have a moment?
Soul Breaker turns back and stares the reporter menacingly. The reporter hesitates and gives a step back before Soul Breaker’s features appear to soften. He nods.
Reporter: Ahhhmmmm.. So it seems that you are about to battle with UC… well, the Fed’s owner, Kyra. How did it all come to this?
Anger glimpses across Soul Breaker’s features. He appears to settle himself before answering.
Soul Breaker: It’s quite simple, actually. UCW is being overtaken by Kyra and… Kingdom D, it appears. If you were watching last week, you could see how Kyra and her… well, let’s call them pawns, for now. How they acted. Now… Kyra has every right to do business or whatever she wants. But what did she and her pawns do last week? I’m not sure “Hostile Takeover” is enough to describe it. Not to mention the absolute disrespect for all of UCW’s employees, including wrestlers. Well, I’m not sure if the rest of UCW’s roster is going to accept that but I will not. Not without a fight. Win or lose, UCW will not bow down easily! *Soul Breaker approaches the camera and speaks directly to it* If any of my fellow UCW colleagues is watching… we all have our commitments, contracts and so on… but we’re here to do one thing. Wrestle! If we’re going to be fired or not, might not even be up to us. Kyra has already showed that we might depend on her whims. Well, if UCW is coming to an end, let’s make it an unforgettable one! Join me in showing Kyra, Kingdom D and mostly, our UCW fans what we’re made of. If you think about it, it might actually be worth our survival in this fed. I, for one, intend to show Kyra what we’re all about! Oh, and thank you… Mediocre Warrior and Triple X for the help last week… at least now we know what to expect from the likes of Kingdom D’s wrestlers *a look of disgust comes across Soul Breaker* And finally, to add insult to injury… did you see Kyra and Glitter Arty’s conversation? Don’t you get second thoughts about what was Kyra doing with a mask as she was giving him the title shot? *Soul Breaker shakes his head* Add that to what happened last week during my match and I can’t say I’m sure it’ll be a fair fight… even so, I WILL defend my Intercontinental Championship title at Convergence! Glitter Arty, if you’re changing sides, you better be ready for my wrath! Enough talk for now, the time for battle has come.

Soul Breaker leaves the reporter standing there shocked by his comments
Soul Breaker
Soul Breaker

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Soul Breaker - Standing up for UCW Empty Re: Soul Breaker - Standing up for UCW

Post by Kyra on Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:19 am

Added both parts to the show! Very Happy

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