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Post by Nick Romero on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:57 am

Name: Nick "The N-R-gizer" Romero
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Weight: 220 lbs
Height: 6'3"
Theme music: The Pointer Sisters - I'm so excited

Nick Romero (The N-R-gizer) 7L7VaJW

Nick is a wrestling fan turned school athlete who has participated in national championships and earned a bit of local fame. Now he wants to get into big leagues. By joining UCW he has reached new heights of fame and recognition and is now learning to cope with that.

Nick Romero is a babyface. His gimmick is a quick, energetic fighter who likes to boost up the crowd a lot. Plus, he talks a lot and most of the time completely off topic. A crafty opponent might distract him with some tricks.
During his moves he tends to go a little bit too aerial and risky just to get that extra pop. He goes by nicknames The N.R., N-R-gizer, Extremely Energetic Entertainer, Tripple E battery etc.

Nick Romero catches opponent's leg through the shoulder
then he stretches it backward to cause pain, performing a Battery Pack (Koji Clutch)

Nick Romero runs to the ropes jumps and springs off the second rope
Then sommersaults and kicks [opponent] right in the chest with both knees executing a Discharge

British champion since 11.09.2017.

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Nick Romero (The N-R-gizer) Empty Re: Nick Romero (The N-R-gizer)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:23 pm

Thanks for this Nick, will make your card tonight.
Hank The Tank Harris
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