Apology - season 1 show 4 (Nick's RP 1/3)

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Apology - season 1 show 4 (Nick's RP 1/3) Empty Apology - season 1 show 4 (Nick's RP 1/3)

Post by Nick Romero on Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:06 pm

(since I don't see Avian in the roster anymore and he also wasn't part of the BT feud list, I'm assuming that he has been released. So I'm gonna write this based on that information).

In the locker room Avian can be seen being checked out by a doctor

Avian: I'm telling you I'm fine. Let me wrestle.

Doc: No, unfortunately, you are not medically cleared. The injuries you suffered in that ladder match have left a mark. Your concussion, for starters...

Nick Romero walks in the frame

Nick: Eh, what's up, Doc? doctor turns to him Damn, I should carry a carrot with me for these kind of entrances. Sorry, but can I have a word with the patient?

Doctor: The im-patient, you mean. Sure, I'm done here anyway. Avian, you need a rest, I won't sign your clearance.

Doctor walks out. Avian looks disappointed.

Nick (suddenly all serious): Hey, look, Airshow, I wanted to apologize for what happened in that contract match.

Avian: What do you mean? It was a match, like any. If someone should apologize for the finish, it's Billionaire.

Nick: Yeah, that sucked. I mean, I've seen worse things, like this one time I accidentally walked in on my uncle who has trouble remembering to keep his pants up... Not really the point I wanted to make. Look, I'm sorry about my Uraken that knocked you out. In the heat of the moment I lost my bearings, I thought you were Xxxtentacion and wanted to repay him for his excruciating submission hold. I didn't mean to knock you out and cost you your health. How bad is it?

Avian: I don't know. I kinda feel OK but that capricious doc won't sign my clearance. Said something about risk of aneurism whatever that means.

Nick: That's too bad. I should be more careful. I didn't mean to sideline you from matches.

Avian: Nah, it's not your fault. Billionaire and TripleX did most of the harm anyway. It just sucks about the whole situation, that's all.

Nick (getting more cheerful): Hey, cheer up, Avi! For such a high-flier your chin is way too downwards oriented. You'll get better and back in ring in no time. Have I told you about my great aunt Millicent? Old Milly broke a hip and thought she'll never get out of bed anymore. But she did. (thinks a bit before continuing) Unfortunatly she broke it again few weeks later, got an embolism and died.

Avian (puzzled): Is that supposed to cheer me up?

Nick: Yup! Didn't you hear me - she got up! You will too. OK, I got to run now but we're good, yeah?

Avian: We're good.

Nick: Thanks, mate! If you need some more encouragement, give me a call.

Avian: Yeah... don't count on it.

Nick struts out of the locker room while Avian packs his bag to leave the arena.

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Apology - season 1 show 4 (Nick's RP 1/3) Empty Re: Apology - season 1 show 4 (Nick's RP 1/3)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:34 pm

Nice RP, I'll use this to open up the show. Good work. Added.
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