Challenge... accepted - Season 1 - Show 4 (Nick Romero RP 2/3)

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Challenge... accepted - Season 1 - Show 4 (Nick Romero RP 2/3)

Post by Nick Romero on Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:56 pm

Nick Romero is walking through backstage when suddenly Victoria Stone passes him by. She turns around.

Victoria: Hey, Romero, I heard that you apologized to Avian for your attack. That was a nice move.

Nick: Gee, thanks! It was nothing really. I totally felt bad for the guy, like when in Bachelorette there are 3 finalists and only one rose you just got to feel terrible for those two blokes who won't make it. Besides, I honestly made a mistake with my Uraken.

Victoria: Well, whatever the reason, it was a nice move. You showed some dignity and backbone. Lot of guys here lack that.

Nick smiling sheepishly: Well, I'm glad that you find me exceptional. I totally am just that. So would you want to learn some more of my unique qualities that other guys lack, let's say over dinner or something?

Victoria is taken aback

Victoria: Wow, wow, hold your horses - I just paid you a compliment. It doesn't mean I want to date you.

Nick: It doesn't? Why not then?

Victoria: Well, for starters, I don't date losers.

Nick: I'm not a loser

Victoria: Oh really? If I recall, you took part in a match where the winner got hold of a British Title opportunity briefcase. Since I don't see any briefcases on you, I have to conclude that you are not a winner. And if you're not a winner, then by definition you are a loser.

Nick: Hey, wait that's unfair. Victoria shrugs and turns to leave. Wait, OK, I can't change the past but I can become a winner today. I have a match tonight in which I can both win the match and that said briefcase.

Victoria: All I hear is Blah,blah, blah! Are you just a smooth talker or can you back your words up as well?

With that Victoria turns around and leaves.

Nick: Well, then, challenge... he takes a moment ...accepted!!

Camera fades out

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Re: Challenge... accepted - Season 1 - Show 4 (Nick Romero RP 2/3)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:15 pm

Nice work Nick, added.
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