Show 5 - TMW did what?

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Show 5 - TMW did what? Empty Show 5 - TMW did what?

Post by The Mediocre Warrior on Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:18 am

This RP happens hours before the show

A car pulls into the parking lot and Alan gets out of the car. Suddenly his phone rings.

Alan : Hello?

sounds of screaming coming from the phone

Alan : No Mister Brooks I haven't been with The Mediocre Warrior why do you ask?

more screaming from the phone

Alan : Harrods? What was he doing there?

yet more screaming from the phone

Alan : He did what? Ripped 10 leather jackets trying them on?

screaming again

Alan : Then knocked over a case of Perrier Jouet?

more screaming

Alan : The ate a whole box of Lady Godiva chocolate before leaving?

screaming, screaming and more screaming

Alan : You want ME to pay for it? I didn't do the damage, the Warrior did it!

louder screaming

Alan : Well no, I suppose the Warrior doesn't have the money to pay for it sighs I guess I'll call my bank and transfer the funds to you. Yes, goodbye sir lowers head, puts his hands in front of his face and shakes his head. I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning

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