Show 5 - Now what did he do?

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Show 5 - Now what did he do? Empty Show 5 - Now what did he do?

Post by The Mediocre Warrior on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:20 pm

This RP occurs about an hour after the RP in the parking lot I posted

Alan is sitting down in the locker room trying to figure out how to pay for all the damages TMW did at Harrods

Alan : Ugh! Where am I going to come up with $15,000 USD to pay Harrods? Maybe I can call my friend back in the states and he can loan me the money.

Mean Gene walks in and sits down next to Alan

Mean Gene : Hey Alan, I saw the Warriors match last week, he's got some great potential to be a big star here in the UCW.

Alan : Thanks Mean Gene, he's really been working hard on improving himself even if his antics are a little bizarre.

Mean Gene : When he threw up in the ring last week, it kind of reminded me of my mother-in-law's cooking.

Mean Gene's phone rings

Mean Gene : Must be my mother in law calling! answers phone Hello? Gordon Ramsey, my long time close personal friend! How are you? Mmm hmm, yeah I know about the Mediocre Warrior, as a matter of fact I happen to be sitting next to his manager! Oh you want to talk to him? Hold on I'll put it on speaker phone. Alan, Gordon Ramsey, the famous chef wants to talk to you. Maybe he's going to offer you a job at his restaurant.

Alan : That would be nice, a little extra money to pay back the big debt I owe Harrods

Mean Gene : Turns speaker phone on Hello Gordon! I have us on speaker phone so you can talk to Alan and myself.

Gordon Ramsey : shoutingAlan! Your client was just in my restaurant and caused complete chaos I demand an explanation!

Alan : Head buried in his hands and shaking Mister Ramsey I apologize, what did he do?

Gordon Ramsey : screamingWell first he bursts into my restaurant wearing only briefs and wellies and acting mad! Then he starts walking around eating off other people plates! And then runs into the kitchen and starts eating all the food! Then he flails his arms around and knocks out my best chef and sent him to the hospital.

Mean Gene : Please gentlemen, a little decorum here! Gordon, my close long time personal friend, I'm sure this can all be smoothed over. Why don't we come over to the restaurant so we can discuss this like rational human beings.

Gordon Ramsey : You bloody well expect me to act civilized after what the Warrior did? Well Gino, since we're friends I'll allow you and Alan to come to the restaurant so we can talk. See you soon chap! hangs up phone

Mene Gene : Alan you have a weird client. Let's go and I'm sure when we're done everything will be fine!

Alan : Mene Gene, I sure hope so. I can't afford all the damage he's causing.

Alan and Gene walk out of the locker room

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Show 5 - Now what did he do? Empty Re: Show 5 - Now what did he do?

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:43 pm

Haha...Hilarious! Added.
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Show 5 - Now what did he do? Empty Re: Show 5 - Now what did he do?

Post by Soul Breaker on Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:23 pm

Gordon Ramsey! EpicĀ  Laughing
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Show 5 - Now what did he do? Empty Re: Show 5 - Now what did he do?

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