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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:49 pm

Hi all,

If you're reading this you have either recently joined UCW or you have a burning question about the federation and i am not around. Below is a list of everything you might need to know about UCW. If anything has been missed I will add it to the list as we go.

What is UCW?
Universal Championship Wresting is a fictional federation based in London, UK. As you might expect this is an English speaking federation and all RP's (Role Plays) must be submitted in English, unless a foriegn gimmick has been agreed with management.

When do the UCW shows air and where?
There is a federation panel in TWG. If you go there you will find all the other federations, along with a tab for your contract and a section that say's 'shows'. If you click this you will be able to find all the shows we have done in the past. If it's blank please re-try with a different web browser. Currently we run 1 show (Velocity) we do have plans to run a second show (Impact) but we need more active wrestlers for this. Our show air's at 10:00pm GMT, every 2 weeks on a Monday. If the date changes i will let you know via TWG PM's or on the forum.

What are Role Plays and how do I do them and start them?
If you're new you might not know what a RP is, basically these are stories/promos that we add to our show to make the matches mean something. Just like in WWE, as well as wrestling matches they have promo's, interviews, in ring promo's. attack promo's. WE, I, want you to create storylines for our fed, how can you do this? There are lot's of ways, I'll put you in a match and you can make an RP or you can contact another wrestler and ask them if they want to feud with you? If you come to me with a long, thought out plan, it will get you noticed. If you supply one RP each week based on your match, with no thought of where your going in the fed, then more than likely you will just end up going no where. If you want your wrestler to do something you have to come to me and make it happen. Now that's not to say you can all be world champion, firstly their a levels on our titles (I suggest you check out the championship page and see which title you can go for) secondly their might be plans already in motion for people to become champion. However it doesn't hurt to come to me with a plan or you could just devise a storyline that has no titles involved. Below is a sample of how i would like RP's to be formatted in our federation. It isn't that long or a proper RP it's just for instruction purposes. Also when submitting RP's please do try your best to check for spelling and grammar in general as correcting grammar really does take us a long time.

Week 2 - Season 1 - Johnny is ready (Please label all RP's with a title and the week/season they are for as there will be lots of RP's and we need to know what show they are for)

The camera cuts backstage to Johnny Be Good, he's standing with Victoria Stone ready to be interviewed.

Victoria Stone: Hello Johnny, tonight you have a world championship match against Hank Harris, how are you feeling about your chances.

Johnny: Very confident Vicky, very confident indeed! Now before you go asking me a load of more boring questions all I am going to say is this...Hank your title is coming to me!

Before Victoria can say another word Johnny exits leaving Victoria alone.

So format...Colour text for different speaking characters in the RP and keep them same throughout. I usually create a colour for my wrestler and use that where possible. All actions should be in italics and be left black. Please use : before a wrestler's name or UCW staff name before speaking so - Johnny: - then they start speaking. If any of this is unclear please ask! It takes so much time to add RP's to the show and if you can't format it correctly it takes even longer. If you want to see a really detailed guide about RP writing please take a look at this, it's a great read...

Who are VGM's and how can i be one?
A VGM means vice general manager and I am always looking for helpers to help me make our shows. If you are interested in making the shows or possibly want to run your own fed one day then i would recommend becoming a VGM first. It will definitely help with your application. What will I ask of you? I will ask you to help write matches in our show (lot's of our matches are edited and we always have match commentary you can help us with this), you can help gather RP's and put them in the show and correct any mistakes (hopefully there won't be many of them now as i have spelt it out for you Wink ) or you might be interested in making graphics or putting graphics into our shows. If you want to be a GM this is a big one. Without graphics your show will suck lol.

UCW has a Hall Of Fame but how do i get into it and what does it mean?
You will notice that on our forum we have a hall of fame thread. Every 3 seasons (18 weeks) a maximum of 4 Wrestlers will be inducted into the HOF. This can be due to your services to the federation (helping with shows or being generally helpful), this might be your contribution to RPing, it might be due to an extraordinary feat your wrestler has achieved. Myself and management will make a decision on who get's this prestigious award and your wrestlers card in the fed will be turned to gold should you be inducted, so something definitely to aim for.

More will be coming in this section, in the mean time just ask me anything you need to know...


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