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Jack "The Ploughman" Plough Empty Jack "The Ploughman" Plough

Post by ThePloughman on Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:39 pm

Name - The Ploughman

From - The West Country

Weight - 210lbs

Height - 6ft 2

Entrance Music - All of the lights by Kanye West

Background - Jack "The Ploughman" Plough grew up on a farm in the West Country. At a young age his father allowed him to help out with the farm work, which included sheep shearing and goat feeding. He was gifted at wrestling the sheep into whichever position needed, and this started a love affair which continues to this day. His father noticed this gift and helped Jack to further his potential in the art of wrestling. It didn't take long for Jack to be noticed and after several low profile stints in numerous feds, he now finds himself signed up to UCW. He is a simple character, easily swayed but always determined to give his best and to entertain both the fans and his sheep!

Finisher - The Ploughman drags (opponent) to the centre of the ring and stands over him
before dropping a hay bale......OH MY GOD IT'S THE HAYMAKER!!!!

Trademarks -  The Ploughman grabs (opponents) ankles putting them under his armpits
and falls backward throwing him to the turnbuckle with a Sheep Shearer

The Ploughman locks (opponents) head under his arm
forcing (opponent) to dive onto his head with a Feed the GOAT


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