Lumber Jack Gone Rogue?

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Lumber Jack Gone Rogue? Empty Lumber Jack Gone Rogue?

Post by Aurora Lights on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:29 pm

This is for the winner of the lumberjack match next week

Jesse: Wow, After that grueling match i can't believe (Contract holder) won, i can't even believe hes even still walking!

The Lumberjacks leave ringside, all but Aurora, Aurora enters the ring and seems to want to congratulate (contract holder)

Alexander: This is the sportsmanship i love to see here in UCW, Every..

As Aurora gets into the right he puts his hand out for a shake and (Contract holder) shakes, as Aurora lets go and seems to leave he turns around and drops (Contract holder with a HardCore Knee Strike


Aurora pulls (Contract holder) to his feet and looks him dead in the eye, Aurora then Spits his acidic Purple mist into the face of (Contract holder) then lifts him up into a variation of a package PileDriver Aurora calls Ryƫjin no ken o kurae

Aurora Grabs a microphone

Aurora: AHAHAHA YOU THINK YOU DESERVE THIS!?! , what you deserve is to get your ***
kicked, these stupid people that chant your name after a pathetic excuse for a show is why i need to teach you what is right, why hostility is the cure for you and these peoples ignorance, I'm going to show you, everyone here in UCW, and the whole world why I AURORA SHIMADA AM THE King of the north and I will provide you with what I call the Northern massacre, so for you (Contract holder) im going to leave you with this.. This is only the start... I suggest you get ready because no one, and i mean no one is going to stop me from burning your little fantasy kingdom down right in front of your eyes!

Aurora Spits in the face of (Contract holder) and grabs the contract and holds it up

Aurora: Beware... The Massacre is near..

Aurora throws the microphone and lays the contract on (Contract holder) and exits the ring

Alexander: I'm at a loss for words....

Jesse: Well UCW Welcome to the Era of The Northern Lights..

The Camera Fades as medical staff proceeds to check on (Contract Holders).....
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Lumber Jack Gone Rogue? Empty Re: Lumber Jack Gone Rogue?

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:39 pm

Nice work...added.
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