Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?

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Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?  Empty Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?

Post by Rogue Monk on Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:11 pm

The scene fades in from black showing King Grixis talking to someone outside the camera while he is still sitting on his plush red Victorian style lounge chair, after a couple of seconds he turns to the camera and starts speaking.

King Grixis: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, we will expecting Road Warrior as a Kingdom D representative so he could tell us how is he managing coming from over sea and joining the UCW universe but the production informs me there has been a change and in his place we will be receiving The Pirate Warrior, so let's all give a great applause to him.

Pirate Warrior, enters the studio and without waiting for King Gixis, to invite him to take a sit he drops on the couch that is across his.

Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?  Avp1xu10

King Grixis: Oh is you, Road Warrior can you explain me and the audience, what is all this new look and the name change all about?

Pirate Warrior: Well King, I think the UCW fans and I have a rough start, so once the last show was over I arrived at the hotel and started thinking of ways to turn this around and be able to blend with them.

King Grixis: and this is the best you came up with? you know the UCW and Kingdom D merge has the fans over the edge and they see us as invaders and this can be seen as you mocking them, right?

Pirate Warrior: What are you talking about King? you have nothing to worry about, everybody loves pirates but if that wasn't enough I have an ace under the sleeve.

Pirate Warrior points at something out of the camera angle, King Grixis turns his head.

King Grixis: Are you planning to tell us something about this "ace", or are you going to introduce him in the next show?

Pirate Warrior: Well you spoil the surprise saying "him", so now I will have to introduce him.

Pirate warrior moves his hand making some kind of sign and a man with a blue suit and a bowler hat enter the scene.

Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?  Wkmoyr10

Pirate Warrior: This is Prentis Jollybottom, my new translator.

Prentis waves at the camera with a goofy smile on his face.

King Grixis: Hi Prentis.

Prentis Jollybottom: Hi Mr.Grixis.

The warrior stands up as he takes a white glove from his pocket and slaps Prentis with it.

Pirate Warrior: I know you're a big deal here with your bottom being holy, but now you're working for me but what did I tell you?

Prentis Jollybottom: That I only should speak when someone talks to me... and Mr. Grixis just did that.

Warrior, turns his head and looks at King.

Pirate Warrior: Did you talk to him?

King Grixis: I did, I'm afraid to ask, but why did you hit him with a glove?

Pirate Warrior: As I told you before I'm making an effort to the blend with our new British fans, so Prentis is teaching me how to be a gentleman, and it seems they are this sissy guys who don't like to get their hands dirty so they hit each other, I picture it as girls pillow fights.

King Grixis: I see, can i ask something to Prentis? I would like to know his opinion about this new concept you came up with.

Warrior, moves his hand at Grixis as saying go ahead.

King Grixis: Prentis, first of all, i want to say I like your suit.

Prentis Jollybottom: Thank you Mr. Grixis.

King Grixis: Now I assume you're British so I want to know what do you think about this pirate idea Road Warrior has come up with?

Prentis Jollybottom: I was born and rise in London, I told Mr. Warrior that some people could take it as an insult but...

Warrior, stands up in a rush while he takes his pirate hat and the eye patch to throw them into the air

Road Warrior: This is enough, I try to do something nice to our Islander friends and they don't like it. Ok I will stop trying.

Warrior walks to the camera and looks directly into it.

Road Warrior: England you must be prepared because the re-education program is now open and I'm coming for you.

He goes out of sight, while Prentis remains standing next to the empty couch. suddenly Warrior Voice is heard.

Road Warrior: Prentis, we are going what are you doing there and you better hurry up because we have a lot to talk.

Prentis bows a little bit as he moves his hat saying goodbye to Grixis.

Prentis Jollybottom: I think I'm in trouble I hope we meet again Mr. Grixis.

King Grixis: Good luck Prentis, well that was all with the Pirate... Road... Warrior, after the commercial break we are going to receive our next guest.

Camera fades to black.

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Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?  Empty Re: Kingdom D Postcast With Road... Pirate... Warrior?

Post by Kyra on Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:14 pm

Added to the show! Thank you for joining in on the podcast!

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