Velocity Season 2 Show 5

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Velocity Season 2 Show 5 Empty Velocity Season 2 Show 5

Post by Kyra on Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:19 pm

UCW Season 2 Show 5 Card

One Fall: Screech vs Manish (Number One Contender To Brass Knuckles Championship)

One Fall: Shane Brody vs "The Vampire" Jeleva Delain

One Fall: Soul Breaker vs ???

Tag Team: Mediocre Warrior & XXXTENTACION VS Zack Wolfe & Matt Danger (Number One Contendership For The UCW Tag Team Championship)

One Fall: Eagle Hatori VS Nick Romero (Winner Picks Match Stipulation At Convergence PPV For British Title Match)

One Fall: Hank Harris vs ???

One Fall: Magnus Warrior vs AJ Skills

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