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Meet the Foundation.( still working) Empty Meet the Foundation.( still working)

Post by Speedy.Gonzales on Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:07 am

Name: Nomad
height: 6'0
weight: 225lbs
age: 19
Hometown: New York, New York.
Alignment: Heel


A small time wrestling fan loved wrestling and wanted to train with the big guys. He heard that the one and only Speedy Gonzales was holding tryouts to join his wrestling school sometime in december and needed to try and join a wrestling camp fast to learn some basics. However he knew it was near impossible for it to happen. His family have been in a financial struggle since his parents died in a car crash and his sister had to stop everything to take care of him when he was 15, but he knew this was his chance. He begged his sister for days trying to convince her. She smiled and struck a deal with him. She would pay half if he paid half. Then was his time to look for a job. He ended up getting a overnight stocking job and in a month and a half raised the money. By this time he only had 4 months to train for the tryouts. He wasted no time and went to work. He didn't excel much in his training but still went at it. Knowing his craft was medicore at best he still went to the tryouts.

There he went up against well experienced wrestlers competing for a spot to join the camp. They train in workouts, drills and routine excercises which actuallt worked out ok for a change. Then there was an exhibition match. The man with the best grades out of the excercises picks who he wants to have a match against. To Nomads luck he was selected as the opponent to the top guy. Nomad was basically getting his butt handed to him in everyway imaginable, but everytime the Top guy went for the pin, he managed to kick out. After a couple more minutes of an intensive beating and a couple of pin attempts he still doesn't kick out. He stops hitting on Nomad and pleads for Speedy to end the match as he feels he clearly won.

Speedy laughed and said if no one is pinn then the match will continue. Suddenly When the top guy turned around Nomad rushes towards him and executes a devestating Clothlines causing him to flip mid air and land on his back on the mat. Nomad landed right above where his head landed. He got a quick idea and did a back flip striking down onto the mans rib cage as hard as he could. The man rolls away causing nomad to fall, but he quickly cralws over to the man and gets a clean pin for the three. Speedy dismisses the tryouts after that match and askes to speak to Nomad as he is on the mat exhausted from that grueling match. Speedy didn't say much. He was mainly praising the ending move. He said if it doesnt have a name to name it fast, and make it yours. At the end he said the words nomad was waiting to hear " You're in". Since then he performed in small promotions with Speedy Gonzales, however his most noticable run was in MEW. Now he is back with his mentor to reclaim there unclamined glory.

Name: Speedy Gonzales
Age: 34
Hometown: New York City, New York
Alignment: Tweener

Kid, Fubu, and Frost Bite, but none stuck to him like Speedy Gonzales.

Speedy Began trying out his childhood wrestling names, aiming to be “The paper champion”. But everywhere he went, he failed. Night after night, lose after lose. The crowd couldn’t get behind him no mater what gimmick change happened. To him it was time to call it quits, but that’s when he went over seas and discovered prosperity. Finally, crowds that loved him granted the competition was weaker.

A few months went by and he had the shot of his life time going for the Tag Team titles of a little known place called WII and failed miserably after dominating the whole match to lose by a botch roll up, because his opponent had assistance from the ropes. After that day, the crowd didn’t back him up again. Months went by and he began getting treated like a jobber, so decided to come back home. Give it one more chance.

As he went home, be became obsessed with “becoming one with his character”. But the problem was which one. After looking at all of his failed characters and personas, he figured a knew one was in need. After months of long hard thinking he decided to become a mouse, a mouse by the name of Speedy Gonzales. But he wasn’t just going to put on a new mask and lace up his boots this time. He wanted to become who was trying to portray. He got mouth surgery replacing all of his teeth with sharp fangs just as thick. Began wearing fake fur patches as a part of his outfit, until he got real mouse skin to replace the patches later in his career.

He came back and went to wrestle for another small show called IIW. This small arena changed his career, because it was his. Once he stepped foot inside it, he was single handedly the best wrestler. Being awarded with the Variety Championship after a hard fought brawl with Cannabius assisted by his good friend Iberian Wolf. They had their eyes on IIW tag team gold, but feel short due to the fed closing.

His most success haves to be when he ran MAD for a year, before giving it up and leaving for good. Came back and came to a show he seen grow up from the very beginning to become an international powerhouse, AXN.

He was no stranger to the crowd being known as a manager for the first World Champion of AXN, El Desconocido. When Speedy came as a wrestler and brought El Desconocido with him. After a short time wrestling he became the first ever AXN Tag Team champions with El Desconocido by defeating Jr Bone and Ivy Morgan. However before they could start there run, Archon ended it by nearly ending Speedy’s career by giving him a third degree burn all over his body.

After nearly a year of healing he is back for vengeance. Ditching the mouse skin revealing his burn marks. He came back to be respected as one of the greatest in AXN as he first planned to be when he first started. Time past and so was his time in AXN. He accomploshed his goal of making sure his name will be mentioned with the legacy he left. He decided he had to find a protege to show so his legacy can live on. he held open tryouts to his new wrestling camp and discovered the diamond in the rough, Nomad.

 He went out to Another country and decided to open Masters Etiquette Wrestling with John Lartikus and accidently signed of his shares to him at the same time. John banned him from MEW until the end of it's life. Once Speedy was given a job in the top offices, the company was sold, and he was forced left without a job again. He refused to take defeat, but had no choice. He was forced into semi retirment due to health issues, while Nomad continued to wrestle. He was convinced t9 hang up the boots, until he read an articale about MEW and the new UCW that rose from it's ashes. He was disgusted by what he read and wanted his voice to be heard. He called in a small favor, and is now an active member of the UCW roster.

Name: Arianna
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145lbs
Age: 27
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Older Sister of Nomad, also known by some in the underground wrestling scene as Purple Puma. She wrestled in BeachCity Underground Wrestling, for a while where she claimed tag team gold; standing as there first and only female tag champion. She tagged with her partner Tiger Millionaire for a couple of years as tag champions.

She was in what some critics would say is the peak of her career, but it was cut short due to her parents sudden death. Since then she only appeared as an announcer and wrestling manager to make quick buck to support her brother. It was when her brother shared his interested in persuing wrestling is when she had to make the decision of her life.

She had to decide between crushing his dream without exposing her secret, or doing one final match to support his dream.  It took her a couple of days to decide, and eventually made her mind. She made the call to BCUW and defended her titles one last time. Now in days you can find her Managing Speedy and her Brother Nomad. No one really knows she is purple puma due to her complete outfit makeover.

Name: Tiger Millionaire

Younger Brother of Speedy Gonzales. Formaly known by the of name Chip 'Shiny Teeth' Skylark, He had a problem with living under his shadow everywhere he went and fleed the main wrestling circuits and went underground to BeachCity Underground Wrestling. he changed his named to Tiger Millionaire and put on his family traditional luchador mask and began his career. This is where he meet Purple Puma and wrote his own legacy.

Not much is known about this mysterious wrestler other then his time in BCUW. He decides to retire around the same time as his life time partner, Purple Puma due to lost of passion. He came back for Purple Puma during her retirment match, and found the passion he lost. He have been signed to UCW due to rumors around the underground circuit Purple Puma made it to the big leagues. He signed on hoping to get a glimpse of her, but to no previal yet.

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Meet the Foundation.( still working) Empty Re: Meet the Foundation.( still working)

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Good to have you back Speedy Smile
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