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Post by Speedy.Gonzales on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:28 pm

Thunder begins to be heard. All of the lights in the arena shut off. When they fix the electricity problems 4 men appear to be on the Titan tron. They all are seen wearing black rodes with the hood over there head, a torch without a flame in one hand, and a microphone in the other.

The 4 men begin to walk down the ramp. When they all reach the ring, they all seem to split up and each one of them go to a turnbuckle. They all go upon the apron of the ring and put the torchs on the turnbuckles, then go inside the ring. They stand infront of the torch they placed and take outs a lighter. They all say a quick prayer and light the torchs at the same time. They go Into the middle of the ring standing side by side. The lights incthe arena dim and a spotlight goes on them.

Hooded man #3: We are here to share with you guys something..

Hooded Man #4: The life you guys are living is lie. the product your watching is a lie. We are here to give you a.

Hooded Man#2:  REALITY CHECK!!!

the Corwd Boos.

Hooded Man#1: Day in and day out i watched from the outside. Watching what i built flourish into this dump of a place it is today. Trust me thats a big improvment.

the fans begin to boo recklessly.

Hooded Man#1: I was told by many to move on. Leave UCW alone.. It's changed since you were the caption of the vessel.. All of this i have heard seems to be true in every aspect..(He then begins to walk around straching his head) Bu-But.. One thing I dont understand and completely disagree about is... Well when i read an articale about the rise of UCW from the ashes of MEW.

The crowd then to chants 'UCW,UCW!

Hooded Man#1: And i mean thats literally the name of the aritcale. Written by a Angel Morales... You guys familiar with him?

the Crowd screams "Yes!" repeatedly.

Hooded Man#1: I figured since he covers mostly UCW... But i mean what other federation is even worth covering?

The crowd laughs and lets out screams of joy.

Hooded Man#1: So.. That wessel.. HAD THE NERVE.. to write a full 10 page articale upon the rise of UCW and its struggles to the top.. i mean thats only 1 page of the articale. The other nine is about the fall of MEW...

The crowd cheers again.

Hooded Man#1: I can already tell that you the Amazing but gulible UCW Universe have been brainwashed by his antics to belittle the foundation this European federation was bulit.. I left the pavement and the blue print only thing i see is that is was followed perfectly, but what do they say about us? Here happens to be a direct quote from this shame articale 'Due to the extreme success of UCW. I see it highly unlikely they make the make the change back to MEW. to be honest They should try to distance themselves away from the past instead of acknowledging it..

The crowd chants UCW!!

Hooded Man#1: Ever since that poorly written articale, i have seen UCW evolve i to what it is today. A souless organization unappreciative of the foundation left for them and ashamed kids hoping everyone soon forgets about the past. Hoping they soon forget about what they were... You can't make the past disappear the  same way we can't make your gambling habbitd disappear.

The crowd boos

Hooded Man#1: Oops.. Did i just break kayfabe? (Censored) I DON'T DO KAYFABE!! I am not a character, I am not a joke, even though some may come out my mouth do not consider me a jokster.. I'm an innovator, im a participator..But now you may call me the Originator .

The hooded man speaking removes his cloak to reveal himself to be Speedy Gonzales.

Commentator 1:  Oh My God!!! It's Speedy Gonzales.

Hooded Man #4: You can't runaway from your past. You can't ignore the steps taken to success.

The 4 men go back to the turnbuckle where they placed the torchs. They say another short prayer and blow out the torchs at the same time. They then take the torchs off of the turnbuckles and heads up the ramp.

Camera fades


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Reality Check Empty Re: Reality Check

Post by Speedy.Gonzales on Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:59 am

this is my forst rp in roughly 2-3 months and feel like im kinda rusty. Im open to all critizism good or bad


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Reality Check Empty Re: Reality Check

Post by Soul Breaker on Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:15 am

Soul Breaker
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Reality Check Empty Re: Reality Check

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