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Post by Rogue Monk on Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:50 am

The stadium goes black as "Hail to de King" by Avenged Sevenfold starts to sound, the super trouper lights are aimed to the wrestler entrance as smoke comes out of it. Suddenly an unknown man comes out walking through the smoke.

Road Warrior Card

He stands remains at the edge of the ramp with his head down, after a few seconds he moves his head up and starts to watch around the arena, he raises his hand putting the microphone in front of his mouth and starts speaking.

Road Warrior: Oh man... this is my worst nightmare.

He shakes his head.

Road Warrior: I can hear all of you murmuring with your weird accent, I really hate it, if I could I would go and smack every one of you until you start talking properly...

The crowd starts to booing Road Warrior.

Road Warrior: Even your boos sound weird... but what can I expect o such an archaic society as yours, you live as we still are in the 15th century, with your Queens and Kings, the royal family and all the other aristocrats. Is time for all of you to come to the 21st century and learn what a true kingdom is made of...

A "We are England" chant started to grow in the crowd. Road Warrior walks to the border of the ring and signs one of the cameramen to come near.

Road Warrior: What are they saying? I can understand them with that accent.

Cameramen: They are saying "We are Engla..."

Road Warrior smacks him.

Road Warrior: I will ask you again and this time try to lose that accent or I will hit you harder. What are they saying?

The cameramen shaking and haltingly answer.

Cameramen: They are saying "We are England" Sir.

Road Warriors goes back to the center of the ring.

Road Warrior: Are you saying "We are England" or "We are He-Man"?

The chant grows louder and louder.

Road Warrior: I really need to hire a translator... Well, I don't really care if you think you're He-man or if you're England, tonight I will erase all that proud you're showing and you will go from He-man to the sissy Prince Adam in a second...

Now every single soul in the stadium is now chanting "We are England"

Road Warrior: This is going nowhere, you keep muttering something and I can decipher and it's driving me crazy. To make thing quicker and I can return backstage and rest from your voices, I will tell you what is going to happen here tonight, later I will come back to this ring and make you witness my re-educate program, I will grab one of your local heroes and hit beat him over and over until he will start speaking as he should and that will be only the beginning because I will reshape this country.

The only thing that can be heard in the stadium is "WE ARE ENGLAND... WE ARE ENGLAND... WE ARE ENGLAND"

Road Warrior: Ok, this is enough....

Road Warrior, throws the microphone climbs down of the ring and starts walking backstage.

Korari Gruesome: That is simply mean, he comes out here and insult all of UCW fans. can you believe this King?

King Grixis: You have to admit he has a point there, their accent is kind of weird and annoying.

Korari Gruesome: Of course you would say something like that, well I don't want to waste my energy discussing with you so let's move forward and continue with the show.

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