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DSBlaze’s Bio of Legends Empty DSBlaze’s Bio of Legends

Post by DSBlaze on Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:51 pm

Name: Dominic Sanviento
Hometown: Clovis, California
Weight: 236 lbs
Height: 6’4
Age: 26

Allignment: Tweener
Theme song: The Vengeful One by Disturbed
Trademarks: R-Generation (Modified Inverted DDT): DS Blaze lifts his opponent, and plants them down forehead first with the R-Generation
Modified Super Kick
Modified Sharpshooter

Finishers: Dragon’s maw (backstabber into the Tazmission): DS Blaze beings his opponent down with a backstabber and rolls through, hooking one arm underneath them from behind and wrapping his other arm around their throat with his hand on his own bicep, locking in the Dragon's Maw around their neck
Inferno Driver (Steiner Screwdriver): DS Blaze lifts his opponent into the air in a vertical suplex position, before bringing them down into a tombstone, hitting a vicious Inferno Driver

Ten top moves:
Rolling Leg Lock
Northern Lights Suplex
Multiple German Suplexes
Fisherman DDT
Ankle Lock
Kicking Combination
Flying Knee to Buffalo Sleeper to Dragon sleeper
Crossface CHICKENWING!!!! (complete with telling the opponent to TAP!!!!!)

Growing up from a large family, Dom was always a wrestling fan. He enjoyed all that was pro wrestling and the first chance he got, he joined his elementary school’s wrestling team. Though initially annoyed that it was not what he watched on tv, he kept with it as he went through school, becoming quite skilled in Greco-Roman style wrestling along with taking jujitsu lessons. These would shape him as he went on and, once he graduated from high school, he began taking pro wrestling lessons and would go onto the indies as DS Blaze, the Black Fire Dragon. Known for his submission skills, brutal strikes, and ability to make opponents bleed, he is a sought after Indy darling


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