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Some explaining to do Empty Some explaining to do

Post by Nick Romero on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:56 pm

Victoria Stone is seen in the middle of the ring

Jesse Ventura: Victoria is with us here - I guess she's about to run a segment as I don't see her name in the announced script

Victoria Stone: For few weeks there has been a lot of rumor going around regarding my relationship with a certain Energizer and also about his involvement in the British Title match controversy. I thought that the best way to tackle these rumors would be to shed some clear light on the matter. So without much ado, let me introduce my boyfriend and your British champion Nick Romero

"I'm so excited" fills the speakers and Nick quite happy walks towards the ring. The crowd is cheerful as usual although some boos can be heard.

Alexander Adams: Well, looks like the UCW super-couple has resolved their issues. Look at that smile on Romero's face.

Jesse: Yeah, I know, nauseating!

Nick gets inside the ring.

Victoria: Firstly, to silence all rumors, me and Nick are perfectly fine. He is not a perfect boyfriend but he's willing to learn. And every couple experience some issues, ours are just little bit more public.

Crowd cheers the news

Victoria: But to address the elephant in the room, let's watch a footage from our last Velocity show.

Video footage shows ending of triple threat British title match between Nick, Eagle Hatori and Angelok where a fan runs in the ring and uses steel chair to what the referee responds with a no contest ending.

Victoria: Nick, many people are wondering what the hell happened there? Do you have some comments on the situation?

Nick: Thank you, Vic, for this public opportunity to speak out. For the past few weeks I've been plagued by emails, twitter posts, constant calls asking what happened there. And I have to give the same answer now as I did to all those people - I DON'T KNOW! There I was in the heat of the match thrown outside of the ring, Angelok and Eagle battling things out, when suddenly there's this guy attacking Angelok with a chair. My jaw dropped like literally to China!

Victoria: So you didn't ask this man to help you out?

Nick: Come on! Of course not! I love being champion, I love this belt but not at the cost of cheating! You can be damn sure that's not my thing! I want to fight fair and square - it might be something that Angelok or Eagle are not all that familiar with but that's my game.

Victoria: Really? I get why you'd say that about Angelok but Eagle?

Nick: Oh, come on! What about those candies he gave to a taken woman. That was a move! I don't tolerate such things. But enough about that. I didn't ask for the intervention, I'm not happy about it, I have nothing to do with it.

Jesse: Is that it? He knows nothing and we should accept that? Is he really gonna try to pin this on mere vandalism?

Victoria: Nick, I have a gift for you. I contacted some people from my past and they helped me with finding the guy who attacked Angelok and Eagle.

Nick: Seriously?

Victoria: Nick, UCW, for the first time to explain his actions, I welcome to the ring Lionell Storm

Alexander: Wow, that's unexpected, she got the culprit

A muscular but very young guy comes out of backstage and walks to the ring. He gets inside the ring and looks to be in awe.

Victoria: Lionell, welcome to UCW. Many people out there want to know - why did you do what you did?

Lionell: Let me just tell you - I'm so amazed to be here. Nick, you're my idol, it's so great to see you in person. I'm one of your guys.

Alexander: Ouch, That doesn't sound innocent about Nick.

Nick: What do you mean, man?

Lionell: I'm a believer in you, you know. N-R-junkies are everywhere! Ever since a regular, average Joe like you became a champion, guys like me and you all over the world have seen a hope in becoming more. You are our inspiration, Nick!

Victoria: Are you saying, Lionell, that Nick asked you to help him out?

Lionell: No, not at all, that was all me. But I couldn't stand by. Me together with other N-R-junkies stood by him when he got locked in a freezer, we stood by him when he defeated Angelok. And then there came the fated loss to Eagle... My heart was crushed, I couldn't take it. And I promised myself - I need to help my hero. So I went out when he needed me most and I helped because that's what good N-R-junkies do!

Nick looks shocked

Nick: No, that's not what you should do. You should cheer, and support, and buy action figures but not intervene in matches. Man, you've made me look bad in all this

Lionell: I'm sorry, Nick, I didn't mean it to go bad for you. I just wanted to support you the best way I can.

Victoria: Well, UCW universe! You've seen and heard that Lionell did what he did on his own accord. With Nick's name cleared we'd like to return to our regular scheduled programming.

Camera cuts to commercials

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Some explaining to do Empty Re: Some explaining to do

Post by Kyra on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:13 am

Fixed up and added into the show! Very Happy

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