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Post by Soul Breaker on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:15 pm

Hey there, Monk.
I made this up just as an intro for Torment.
Let me know if it's ok.

Torment is watching TV at home when his cell phone starts ringing. He checks and the call is from an unknown ID. He initially thinks about not answering but before he knows it, accepts the call.

Torment: Hello? Who’s this?

Zeta: Am I speaking with Torment?

Torment: Yes, and you are?

Zeta: My name is Zeta and I’ve heard from some acquaintances that you might just be who I am looking for. I’ve heard that you might be interested in a wrestling career. I might just be your ticket in.

Torment: What? How do you mean?

Zeta: I am the General Manager for a new, upcoming wrestling federation. But before we get into that, I want to know if what I heard is true. I heard you care little about theatrics and you’re all about the fighting. You seem to actually enjoy the brutal and bloody side of it. Would that be true?

Torment: Listen, I don’t know what this about and what you…

Zeta: If you’re the kind of wrestler I’m looking for, I can offer you a position on the roster of my federation. I’m looking for a no-nonsense, hard-nosed and more extreme kind of wrestler. Would you fit in that description?

Torment: I see. Well, I was never considered a shy fighter. Much the opposite, actually. I think you could say I fit that description… and more!

Zeta: Good… good. Exactly what I hoped for. Look, I would like to discuss this personally with you, as soon as you can. We’re kind of in a short deadline situation and I must know if I can count on you.
Torment: Very well. How about tomorrow? You know Jim’s Gym? Meet me there at noon.
Zeta: Excellent. Don’t be late.

The call is disconnected.

Torment: What the hell? Well, it doesn’t hurt to see what this is all about. Maybe this IS my chance.
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