Week 5 - Tag Team Vignette (Surfers Duo)

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Week 5 - Tag Team Vignette (Surfers Duo) Empty Week 5 - Tag Team Vignette (Surfers Duo)

Post by Kathepsin on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:58 pm

Tag Team Vignette – Surfers Duo

Light fades off in arena and huge tv screen starts to shine. There is a picture of Kathepsin and That Surfer Guy on it with big blue text saying Surfers Duo. Hawaii 5-O theme song starts to play and some male voice says:

„This is a Surfers Duo Vignette. As this is special night we bring you a small recapitulation of what these two guys are. Do you think you know them well? Ok, let’s see. Let me introduce you tag team title match contenders Kathepsin and That Surfer Guy as well known Surfers Duo!!“

The picture changes to video with some Kathepsin’s great moves and other moments.

„First introducing Kathepsin, Hawaiian beach boy. His true name is still hidden, but we know this. He could have been a surfer or capoeira fighter as he was great in these sports, but luckily for us, he choose wrestling. However this created a solid base for his career and he still profits from it. If you don’t believe me, watch his crazy moves.“

„His wrestling style is very acrobatic, fast and full of moves. Give a squirrel cup of coffee and you might think it’s him. His rule is „If you are moving, they can’t catch you.“ But he is slightly prone to lose concentration, which sometimes costs him a match.“

„People remember him mainly thanks to his trademark The World Highest Wave, as some say The World Most Stunning Spinning Leg Drop. Even more popular is his finisher Surfers Dropkick – really destructive version of famous dropkick. If you haven’t seen it already, you really should watch it – you won’t regret at all.“

Screen shows these two moves and switch to moves sequence of That Surfer Guy.

„The second guy is called That Surfer Guy, though his name is Roy Stanson. He looks like younger brother of Kathepsin, he is a little bit smaller and thin as hell. Maybe Kathepsin should let him eat something. Many wrestlers underestimated him, but now everyone knows how dangerous this guy can be. His life wasn’t piece of cake in no way. He also have surfers past, but after terrible accident he changed his sport. So he jumped into the world of wrestling and never leaved.“

„Flying hobit. That’s first two words i had on mind when I saw him first. Okey, maybe he stretched him a little, but stil..Never mind, as you know he presents himself with amazing high-flying moves and great dodging – well he can’t be hit much, just look at him. Watching him is like watching very angry wasp flying around and trying to sting everyone as much as it’s possible. Wrestlers hate this.“

„His greatest move is definitely Dark Driver. That’s how he calls his finishing move. And man..it’s terrible and it just shows how much power his body hides.“
Finally the screen shows some examples of their teamwork. We can see  really nice moves and double moves there.

„So this was Surfers Duo. I’m really looking forward to see them in action tonight. That Surfer Guy had some health problems a week ago, but the news says he is fit and well. So Kathepsin is. Maybe the free week will help them, who knows. Anyway don’t miss their match with Jigglypuff and Ploughman – i promise you won’t be disappointed!“


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Week 5 - Tag Team Vignette (Surfers Duo) Empty Re: Week 5 - Tag Team Vignette (Surfers Duo)

Post by Soul Breaker on Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:48 am

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