Week 5 - Season 1 - Post-match (Soul Breaker, Jesse and Alexander)

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Week 5 - Season 1 - Post-match (Soul Breaker, Jesse and Alexander) Empty Week 5 - Season 1 - Post-match (Soul Breaker, Jesse and Alexander)

Post by Soul Breaker on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:18 am

If Soul Breaker wins

Soul Breaker heads toward the turnbuckle and jumps to the middle rope.
He extends his arms high in the air and enjoys the crowd cheering.
A few scattered fans can be seen wearing Soul Breaker’s new t-shirt with the “Submit or Break” logo.
Jesse Ventura: Ah! Told you so, Xander! Look at the crowd going bonkers with Soul Breaker’s win.
Alexander Adams: Gotta hand it to you, Jesse. You called that one right!
Jesse Ventura: What do you mean… THAT... one???
Alexander Adams: Uh-oh… Nothing, nothing… Jesse. Obviously, you know your stuff.
Jesse Ventura: That’s more like it! Give it time, Xander… with time and LOTS of hard work, I’ll make a decent commentator out of you.
Alexander shakes head in disbelief
Alexander Adams: Of course, Jesse. Whatever you say… whatever you say.
Soul Breaker jumps down back into the ring and approaches his opponent. He greets Germanainor before leaving the ring.
Soul Breaker approaches Jesse and Alexander.
Alexander Adams: What’s he doing?
Jesse Ventura: Making himself seen and heard, kid. And he seems to be very professional too. I like it.
Alexander Adams: We know, Jesse… we know.
Soul Breaker: Hey, guys! Just can’t help sharing my happiness around here.
Alexander Adams: You could ask for a mic and speak in the ring, you know?
Jesse Ventura: Shut it, Xander. Let the man speak.
Soul Breaker: Thanks, Mr. Ventura. I just want to thank UCW’s fans all over… thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me! I’m proud to have reached UCW’s PPV and, for sure, to be able to have a shot at the Intercontinental Title!
A significant part of the crowd cheers
Alexander Adams: About that… You’ll now have to face the GM, William Regal. Your thoughts about that?
Soul Breaker: Couldn’t be better. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best! Mr. Regal is a legendary wrestler in his own right. Won’t take anything away from him. But.... Soul Breaker turns to the crowd looking for support It’ll be either… A strong choir erupts from the cheering crowd SUBMIT… OR… BREAK!!! Soul Breaker waves and thanks the crowd back It’ll be all “Up for Grabs” Soul Breaker winks to the camera and runs towards the ramp leading to the backstage. On his way, he spots a young fan sporting one of his t-shirts and holding his action figure. Smiling, he heads towards him and hi-fives him, getting an even bigger cheer from the crowd.
Jesse Ventura: Wow! It seems Soul Breaker is starting to bond with UCW’s fans.
Alexander Adams: That’s true but let’s not forget… Soul Breaker is pretty much a rookie and he will meet a legend for the title! Can he really take on William Regal?
Jesse Ventura: That’s a very good question, Xander. But what more can you ask from Soul Breaker at this point? 3 matches… 3 wins… seems to be building a rapport with the fans… will get a title shot at UCW’s PPV in his FIRST season… what more can be said? A fairytale season for Soul Breaker? Or will Regal turn it into a nightmare? One simply cannot miss UCW’s PPV “Up for Grabs”!!! Stay tuned for that and much, much more...
Camera fades for commercials
Soul Breaker
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