Week 5 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Soul Breaker and Gene)

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Week 5 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Soul Breaker and Gene) Empty Week 5 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Soul Breaker and Gene)

Post by Soul Breaker on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:18 pm

Camera starts rolling in the locker room, where Gene Okerlund is waiting beside Soul Breaker

Gene Okerlund: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we’ll have the final match for the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. The winner of this match will have a shot at the Intercontinental Championship in UCW’s PPV “Up for Grabs”!!! Of course, to be crowned champion, the winner will have to beat UCW’s own GM, the legendary William Regal. Talk about high stakes, folks. We’re in for a cracker! Beside me, I have one of the finalists for tonight’s match… Soul Breaker. Can I call you Soul?

Soul Breaker: Sure, Gene! It’s an honour to be here with you, actually. Be my guest!

Gene simply nods

Gene Okerlund: So, how’re you feeling tonight? Feeling confident? You had your work cut out for you last week.

Soul Breaker: I’m glad you bring that up, Gene! First, I would like to congratulate Dirty Mike for a fantastic match last week... he really made me work hard for the win. Of course, one can’t expect anything less when you check UCW’s roster. As for tonight… yes, I am feeling confident. I watched Germanainor’s match last week and he’ll certainly be a very tough opponent but he’ll soon learn that against me in the ring, you’ll either... Soul Breaker turns intently to the camera and points toward it  ...Submit or Break!

Gene Okerlund: I guess you’re sending Germanainor a message then?

Soul Breaker: More than that, Gene. The UCW fans will soon know that “Submit or Break” is actually my motto. One way or the other, I’ll do what it takes to get to my goals. Soul Breaker turns to the camera again and dictates his line fiercely Submit... or... Break. Soul Breaker turns to Gene and smiles Take as you will. My actions in the ring will speak more loudly than any words.

Gene Okerlund: I guess you’ve been crystal clear about that, Soul Breaker.

UCW’s commentators join the feed

Jesse Ventura: Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Young, confident and bold! We might have something here, Xander! This kid is growing on me already.

Alexander Adams: You always like the aggressive ones, Jesse. No surprise there.

Jesse Ventura: What? You wouldn’t want me to be aggressive now, would you, Xander? Just watch and learn… this kid is going to do some good things around here! Trust me.

Alexander Adams: whispers That would be the last thing I’d do…  resumes talking normally Well, look no further than tonight to either be proved wrong or right, Jesse. It’s going to be an incredible battle between two submission experts: Soul Breaker vs Germanainor. Can’t miss it!

Back to Gene and Soul Breaker

Gene Okerlund: That’s it from here, guys. Thanks, Soul Breaker. Good luck for your match. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Soul Breaker: Anytime, Gene. And thank you. I’m counting on you, UCW fans!

As the camera fades, you can barely hear…
Soul Breaker: Hey, Gene! Wouldn’t you mind giving me your autograph?
Soul Breaker
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