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S1W5 - Better find your focus Empty S1W5 - Better find your focus

Post by Nick Romero on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:36 pm

Camera fades in showing mean Gene Okerlund walking through backstgae area. Nick Romero catches up with him.

Nick: Hey, mean Gene, have you seen Victoria tonight? I can't find her and I was looking for some good luck kiss for the main event match later tonight.

Gene: Well, unless you want one from me, you're out of luck, kiddo – Victoria is at Royal London hospital covering Magnus's recovery and the whole situation there.

Nick: Bummer! Oh well, then I better not rely on luck but my skills and preparation. Like my 3rd degree cousin James did once on a country fair when he...

Mean Gene raises a hand.

Gene: Look, kid, take an advice from someone who's been in this industry way before you were born – you have great potential but you lack focus. Without focus you won't win tonight.

Nick raising eyebrows: Man, you must be getting real old if you think I lack focus. XXX is a coward and I will take him down. And then I will go on to win the British title.

Gene: Yes, yes, young and full of pride, I've seen far too many times to count. Let me put it in a language you will understand. You want to have a chance with Victoria Stone, don't you? Then listen to what I've got to say. Triple X of course is your main concern tonight but he is not your only danger in that ring. The lumberjacks are not your friends out there.

Nick: You think I don't know that? But if anyone of them tries to step inside the ring, they'll get to feel how big of a punch a Triple E battery can deliver. I've got my ends covered. And besides, their primary focus is to guard X from leaving ring.

Gene: You've got nothing covered, Battery man. You are underestimating those guardians of yours. All of them want to leave arena tonight with that briefcase. And they are as bloodthirsty and devoted as XXXTentacion if not even more. What do you know about them?

Nick: Them? Well, Carter, Arty and Colbert are new for me, Aurora is a nice guy, Witte and Billionaire I beat last time, Angelok is harmless and Mediocre Warrior... Well the name speaks for itself.

Gene: You better climb down from that high horse of yours. I'm just coming from a conversation with Warrior's manager Alan, and at least where physicality is involved, he's anything but Mediocre. And Angelok harmless? Gene sighs Look, Victoria is a proud woman – if you want her to even look at you, you better walk out arena tonight with that briefcase in hand. And to do that, you better find some focus. Now, if you don't want that good luck kiss, I've got to go now.

Nick: Nah, I'm good!

Gene walks away.

Nick: Thanks for the advice, man!

Gene continues to go smiling. Camera fades out

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S1W5 - Better find your focus Empty Re: S1W5 - Better find your focus

Post by Soul Breaker on Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:17 am

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