Week 4 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Intercontinental Semi Final Match)

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Week 4 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Intercontinental Semi Final Match) Empty Week 4 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Intercontinental Semi Final Match)

Post by Soul Breaker on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:49 pm

The camera follows Victoria Stone in the backstage as she prepares to interview Soul Breaker before his Intercontinental Championship Tournament Semi Final

Soul Breaker slightly bows as he sees Victoria approaching

Soul Breaker:  Greetings, Miss Stone.

Victoria is taken aback by Soul Breaker’s greeting

Soul Breaker smiles

Soul Breaker: And no, I’m not surprised.

Victoria tries to recover

Victoria Stone: No? About what?

Soul Breaker: I suppose you were going to ask me about my match for the Intercontinental Semi Final match.

Victoria Stone: Oh… yes, of course! Well… why aren’t you surprised?

Soul Breaker: I think Mr. Regal has quite an eye for talent. As you know, I was successful in my first match in UCW, even if it was a Tag Team Match. I can only thank Mr. Regal for his trust and confidence in my ability. Also, I think it’s great that there’s a new title at stake. It speaks volumes about what UCW is looking to achieve, with so much fresh talent coming along. I’m proud that I’m considered for this tournament. I will certainly give my best shot to win it, of course.

Victoria Stone: Your opponent, Dirty Mike, seemed quite confident about the outcome of your match. What do you think about that?

Soul Breaker: I actually saw his interview. Well, he talks the talk, we’ll see if can walk the walk. One thing is certain… one thing is to compete in the USA, another quite different is to perform in UCW. He might be surprised about the level of competition here.

Victoria Stone: Are you confident about your chances?

Soul Breaker: I don’t think about chances. I’m here to wrestle and I’m here to win. I’ll do all I can to achieve success. And if you’ll allow me, I’d like to send my own message to Dirty Mike.

Victoria Stone: Certainly. What is it?

Soul Breaker: Dirty Mike, welcome to the UCW. Unfortunately for you, Submission matches are MY game. The Intercontinental Championship is now MY goal. And in our match… *Soul Breaker gets more intense and stares menacingly towards the camera* I…. WILL… BREAK.. YOUR… SOUL!!!

Victoria seems a bit distraught about the sudden change in Soul Breaker’s behavior

Soul Breaker returns to his relaxed stance and smiles

Soul Breaker: Don’t worry, Miss Stone. You have nothing to worry about me. Now, if you’ll allow me, I have to focus for my match. Time to do some cleaning, I guess.

Soul Breaker winks before leaving

Victoria appears more relieved as Soul Breaker leaves and smiles at Soul Breaker’s line

Victoria Stone: And that’s it from here for now. It seems like this Intercontinental semi final match is going to be quite a battle. Dirty Mike vs Soul Breaker, who’s going to go through for the final of the Intercontinental Championship? Stay tuned for more!

Camera fades
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Week 4 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Intercontinental Semi Final Match) Empty Re: Week 4 - Season 1 - Pre-match (Intercontinental Semi Final Match)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:20 pm

Nice work...added.
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