Mag Juggles continued from last show part 2

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Mag Juggles continued from last show part 2

Post by Magnus Warrior on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:25 am

Camera opens to William Regal's office with Regal sitting at his desk having a heated discussion with someone on the phone, then a timid knock on the door.

William Regal: I have to go there’s someone here.. Yes I will let you know as soon as I do Mr Brooks and I assure you that will be very soon! *puts away his phone* Yes... who’s there? *door opens to Doug with Eddie close on his heels*

William Regal: You may wait outside Eddie *Doug enters carrying a laptop and looking pleased with himself*

Doug: Mr.Regal as you know the production crew has cameras set up all over the place so they can catch “interesting moments” between the wrestlers, but security has a pretty impressive array of cameras also. So the production crew's camera show Magnus talking with a delivery person about some card and then walking to the boiler room and talking to a tv monitor in the boiler room... but this is what our cameras caught. *Doug sets the laptop for Regal to see. The camera swings around behind Regal so we can see also. The laptop shows Magnus in the boiler room*

Magnus: This.. This isn't funny.. Stupid clown.. Tricked me.. But this isn't too bad.. Right Magnus.. this is doable..

Magnus walks forward a few more feet, ever so slow.. Than all of a sudden a huge plume of fire shoots up in front of him, stopping him where he stands.

Juggles's voice: I'd stop right there if i was you.. Wouldn't want to get burned now would you.

The flames now fire up continuously

Magnus: This really isnt funny man.. I'm not going through that.. I.. i'll just go back the other way.. Bang on the door, someone will hear me.. save me..

Magnus turns around to head back the way he came. Flames now shoot up from the floor in that direction as well, followed by flames shooting up on both sides of the room, Magnus is now locked in between the fiery walls

Juggles: I told you, you're not getting out that way, or well, anyway at all really *evil laugh* after this scene of your life is done, "The End" will be the final caption people see.. Goodbye Magnus.. Oh wait, before i forget, you look a bit cold still, let me help you with that..

The flames now move closer towards Magnus a few feet, who is standing in the middle of them stunned with fear.

Magnus: You can't do this Juggles.. This isn't nice.. Not nice at all.. Juggles! This is evil.. and bad, yes, evil and bad..

the flames move closer a few feet again.. And again... and again. Magnus is getting really scared now, he seems to be falling back in his old behavior.. The flames move closer again, Magnus starts rocking back and forth, mumbling to himself. The flames stop moving at about three or four feet from Magnus

Magnus: I.. i can handle this.. Get a grip Magnus.. You can do thi..

The flames all of a sudden intensify and get bigger before they start moving towards Magnus again, but now at a steady pace. Magnus is heard screaming, the flames move closer and closer, the camera gets fuzzy and the video stops working.

Doug: Then shortly after this is when Eddie arrives and you know the rest sir

William Regal: Good work Dougie you and your blubbering friend may still get to keep your jobs yet. You may leave now... the laptop stays.

Doug: Thank you Mr.Regal sir! Thank you *Doug leaves*

William Regal: *replays the footage while taking out his phone* Mr. Brooks yes well I have... camera cuts.

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Re: Mag Juggles continued from last show part 2

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:29 pm

Nice work Magnus!! Smile
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