Mag Juggles continued from last show part 1

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Mag Juggles continued from last show part 1 Empty Mag Juggles continued from last show part 1

Post by Magnus Warrior on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:22 am

Camera opens to an ambulance in the parking (lot/garage) where the EMT’s are working on Magnus in the back of the ambulance.Several wrestlers are standing around looking on and William Regal is speaking with security staff and the EMT’s.

William Regal: What happened? How did this happen? What was Magnus doing in the boiler room anyway? *looks sternly at the security guard*

Security Guard: *stammers and looks shocked* Mr.Regal sir I don’t know... I jus... I just got back from my lunch break and Eddie over there was screaming. I tried to get some sense out of him but.. *camera pans to Eddie who is pacing back and forth looking very agitated* but all he would do is scream “It’s not my fault.. It’s not my fault I came as soon as I hear the alarm go off and I found him there all curled up and smoking” Then I called the EMT’s and you

*William Regal turns to the EMT* How bad is it?

EMT: We have him stabilized and we going to transport him to the burn unit at... (need a name for a local hospital/burn unit) it looks like he will make it, he suffered some smoke inhalation and some burns on his arms and back. This is not the first time he was in a fire though he has old burn scars over a good portion of his body.

William Regal: Yes yes I know about those. Take care of him and keep me updated on his condition.

EMT: Yes Mr Regal *hops up in the ambulance and pulls the doors closed as the ambulance speeds off out of the (parking lot/garage)*

William Regal: *turns his attention to the security guard and looks at his name tag* Doug is it? Well Dougie you had damn well better get me some answers! How did this happen on your watch? Or you and Eddie the blubbering idiot over there won’t be working anywhere ever again! Do I make myself clear?

Doug: Ye.. Yes... Sir Mr.Regal I will get to the bottom of this!

William Regal: You had better and fast! Report to me in my office within the hour! Remember what I said about working and tell no one else but me when you find out. Are we clear sunshine?

*Doug gets Eddie and they both leave quickly*

William Regal: *turns to the wrestler standing around waiting for some explanation* All right show's over, people let’s get back to work. When I know something I will tell everyone who needs to know. Move along now we still have a show to put on tonight!

Camera pans to the wrestlers wandering off talking amongst themselves\ feed cuts.

{insert commentators reactions depending on where you want to put it in the show}
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Mag Juggles continued from last show part 1 Empty Re: Mag Juggles continued from last show part 1

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:34 pm

This can open up the show or be at least played before the opening titles.
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