Week 1 - Airport

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Week 1 - Airport Empty Week 1 - Airport

Post by Kathepsin on Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:28 pm

Camera pans across the airport hall showing crowd of people. Sights of wrestling fans are although fixed on two guys. Both have shorts, shirts with flowers and sunglasses. They also hold surfboards and are in the middle of some discussion.

Kathepsin: Well, welcome back in London.

That Surfer Guy: Yeah, welcome back.

Kathepsin: And guess what..it rains. Luckily I am still in good mood after our vacation at sea.

That Surfer Guy: It’s still water, but this water..this water is cold, annoying and I already feel sick.

Kathepsin: I hope it was joke. We need to be ready. New season of our show is already behind the door. We proved that we can be strong as team, so now it’s time to prove we can be more than just “good”. We are now relaxed and fresh and I don’t know how do you feel it, but I am really looking forward for next match.

That Surfer Guy: Keep calm, I was just joking, I am fully concentrated. And hell yes, we can be much better than just good. Have you already noticed that our next match is three way?

Kathepsin: Of course, I did. I was a bit surprised to be honest, but on the other hand I am very excited. It will be new experience and I think we can win this if we will be careful.

Suddenly a man with mic appears and walks towards the Surfers Duo. It’s Gene Okerlund and he wears a suit and looks very confidently.

Gene Okerlund: Good evening guys, can I have few questions on you? It will take only few minutes.

That Surfer Guy: Ok, shoot.

Gene Okerlund: I see you are not dressed according the local weather, so my first question is where have you been?

Kathepsin: Well as people know, our fed had a short break so we decided to go on vacation. As we really miss sun and sea here, in England, we were surfing. That’s the best way for us to relax.

Gene Okerlund: So you believe you can be even better than last season?

That Surfer Guy: You bet. How could we step into the ring if we wouldn’t believe it.

Gene Okerlund: There will be some opportunities to win a title, do you think you will get on of them?

Kathepsin: Well, at first we have to show we are the best choice to take a place in this kind of match. And first chance to do this will be at our first show in three way tag team match.

Gene Okerlund Am I right if I guess you want to win this match?

That Surfer Guy: Yes, you are. And now excuse us, we really have to find some more comfortable clothes. See you later in arena.


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Week 1 - Airport Empty Re: Week 1 - Airport

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:36 pm

Thanks Kathe! Added Smile
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