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Velocity Staff

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:45 pm

These are all the UCW VELOCITY staff members that you can use in your RP's!

Barry Brooks: CEO of UCW, know's next to nothing about wrestling business but is a self made billionaire. If there's money to be made, Barry will be there.

William Regal: (Theme Tune 'Regality') General Manger of Velocity, UCW's main brand. William is an ex professional wrestler and is passionate about making UCW succeed. He is also strong and can't be easily manipulated or be scared easily. He is very tough but fair.

Jesse 'The Body' Ventura: Ex WWF commentator and wrestler. He's been out of the business for a while but now he's back with a bang. He's loud, he's opinionated and he hates newbies who run their mouth and show no respect. Can often be grumpy but is willing to eat his own words if proven wrong.

Alexander Adams: Public school boy from Cambridge, daddy wanted him to be on the rowing team but he instead choose wrestling! Shunned by his family, Alexander carved out an amateur career and competed for the Great Britian in the olympics before turning his hand to commentating.

Gene Okerlund: WWF and WCW legend! He's interviewed the biggest, baddest and the best in the business and he has never given them an inch. Always willing to stand up for the underdog and tell anyone how it is. Although he is our face interviewer don't be surprised if he turns on you, if you deserve it.

Victoria Stone: Beautiful, ambitious and fiery! Not scared to say how she feels and will use anyone to get what she wants. Cross her at your own peril.


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