The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped

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The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped Empty The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped

Post by Zack Wolfe on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:28 pm

The camera cuts to Zack Wolfe sitting at a table in the gym as he takes a break from working out. His laptop is shown sitting in front of him as he watches videos of wrestling matches on the UCW Network. Meanwhile, his tag partner Matt Danger is training while Zack's uncle, Wobert Frogrog Jr, approaches carrying a 40 piece box of Popeye’s chicken and biscuits.

Zack Wolfe: They don't seem that hard, though! Not even at all! This is gonna be ea-

Zack turns to Wobert as he goggles at the box of Popeye.


Wobert Frogrog Jr: .. Eating?

Wobert looks at the box for a second before continuing to eat.

Zack Wolfe: Do you know that you've just done the worst mistake in your life? YOU SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TODAY, SON!

Wobert Frogrog Jr: That's what that same unknown woman said.

Zack Wolfe: I DON'T CARE!

Zack face palms as he looks at Wobert, chuckling.

Zack Wolfe: I was just joking. Did you bring me the large, massive nerpy pizza I ordered with you?

Wobert Frogrog Jr: With me? Why, do I look like some topping about to be put on the pizza or some salad with..


Wobert Frogrog Jr: What pizza?

Zack Wolfe: Uhh, forget it. Give me a biscuit.

Wobert takes another quick look at the Popeye box, then starting to laugh as Zack brings up a blank expression on his face.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Too bad. You wasted 3 minutes of your life talking to me while in the same time I was finishing up this thing.


Wobert Frogrog Jr: No. All that food though and no weight gained, but anyway I'll call Pizza Hut or any other random restaurant to get that pizza of yours, as well as get a small pizza for myself.

Wobert puts the Popeye box on the table as he looks at the laptop.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: So what are you doing?

Zack Wolfe: Nothing. I'm just bored so thought to 'study' my opponents for this PPV. Y'know, gotta make Kingdom D look great in front of these UCW weirdos.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Don't ya need any tactical advice or something?

Zack raises his eyebrows for a moment.

Zack Wolfe: Oh! Of course, uncle. I'm going to talk with me and Matt's personal trainer later when I'm finished.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: The nerp did I just hear? You cheating on me, Zack?!

Zack Wolfe: .. Ain't that trainer you too?

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Ah, right! I thought something else. Well here's a motivational speech for you and Danger.

Wobert gets Zack's laptop close to himself as he goes on YouTube and searches something. He gets it close to Zack again as he makes him watches a video of Shia LaBeouf with his own motivational speech.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Just replace those lines with 'Just nerp it!' and that's it.

Zack Wolfe: That's just less medium. Be more weirder, please. Would you like to see some of my opponent's matches and their highlights, anyway?

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Sure!

A few minutes later..

Wobert Frogrog: Ooh, XXXTenacion.. calls himsel-

Zack Wolfe: No, no uncle, the hell? Not as you'd think, man, not at all. You gonna get us in trouble!

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Oh, okay..

Several minutes pass, as Wobert leans back on his chair shaking his head.

Wobert Frogrog Jr: Nah, my boy. Those don't seem difficult. But I'd be sad if you didn't nerp in that match.

Zack Wolfe: Don't worry, uncle. Yo boy knows what he's gonna do there, I tell ya! Now I'm gonna get up and talk to Matt, and also call any bloody restaurant. DON'T TOUCH MY LAPTOP!

Zack stands up and adjusts his t-shirt before going to see his tag partner. Wobert then turns back on the UCW Network as he checks his Twitter for a second and tweets..

The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped A391af72-7d66-4b3a-9c84-f99d575a8831

.. As the camera then slowly fades to black.
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The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped Empty Re: The Randomest RP I've ever Nerped

Post by Kyra on Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:55 pm

lmfao added this to the show!!

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