Kingdom D team?

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Kingdom D team? Empty Kingdom D team?

Post by Rogue Monk on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:05 pm

"Mortal Reminder" by Pentakill starts to sound in the arena, smokes covers the arena as Road Warrior comes followed by a man with a blue suit.


Immediately the crowd stars to chat "We are England", Road Warrior turns his head toward his companion to ask him something.

Road Warrior: What are they saying?

Prentis Jollybottom: They are saying "We are England" sir.

Road warrior: I see, another thing wasn't last week song a different one?

Prentis Jollybottom: Yes Sir, but the person in charge didn't remember the one you use so he pick a new one.

Road Warrior: He must be British, write his name on the re-education list.

Prentis nods and takes a notebook and writes something as they continue walking towards the ring. Once inside Road Warrior ask for a microphone.  

Road Warrior: My assistant informs me you're are saying "We are England" and that is exactly the problem, you being England with your Queen, the five o'clock tea and your fancy pronunciation that makes the communication with normal people impossible.

The "We are England" chant grows louder and louder.

Road Warrior: You can be England all you want, but UCW will not be England anymore after tonight we are going to change that for good and all that will remain is Kingdom D.

Slowly the "We are England" chants are replaced for "UCW... UCW... UCW..."

Road Warrior: What are they saying?

Prentis Jollybottom: UCW sir.

Road Warrior: Right, tonight we will see what the UCW guys are made of when they face team Kingdom D, by the way, Prentis who are my team partners?

Prentis Jollybottom: Aj Skill and Jeleva Delain, Sir

Road Warrior: Did you make sure they speak normally?

Prentis Jollybottom: Yes sir, they seem to speak as they should.

Road Warrior: Good, Good... I wouldn't like to have to add my teammates to the re-education program...

If any of the team Kingdom members wants to follow it feel free to do it, if not here is the end.

"UCW is Englan" chants begin to be heard in the arena

Road Warrior: So tonight will be the end of England and UCW, now I have to go, listening to you for so for an extended period of time it is bad for my health, you are giving me a headache, and I have a fight tonight let's go Prentis.

Prentis Jollybottom: Yes Sir.

They leave the ring and as they go backstage the only thing that could be heard in the stadium was the "UCW is England" chant.

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Kingdom D team? Empty Re: Kingdom D team?

Post by Jeleva Delain on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:36 pm

The lights in the arena shut off as "Bleeder" by Zombie Girl plays throughout the arena as a red mist rolls out from the entrance stage and down the entrance ramp. Jeleva Delain emerges from the mist as she crawls out from the back and kneels down on the center of the entrance stage. She arches her back as she leans back and lets out a loud scream as she looks up at the rafters. She then slowly stands up and points to Road Warrior and smiles deviously showing off her cute tiny vampiric fangs before she licks her lips.

Regina Cora: Making her way to the ring, from beyond the grave. "The Vampire" Jeleva Delain!!

Jeleva Delain slowly strolls down to the ring as she grabs a microphone from a tech worker ringside before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. Jeleva Delain then moves up to Road Warrior and stops just before him as she raises up the microphone so that everyone can hear her take a creepy sniff as if she were getting a feel for his blood.

Jeleva Delain: You worry too much about stupid things like speech and how people pronounce their words. My speech is beyond time itself and no one would live up to my standards if I were so short sighted to what's important out here.

Jeleva Delain glares a bit as she looks up into the eyes of Road Warrior before slowly pulling down the hood of her black cloak to show off her poker straight long blond hair as it flows down now freed from its confines.

Jeleva Delain: So instead of running your mouth and making a mockery of all these delicious subjects, I suggest you put your mind on destroying the remnants of UCW so we can bring in a new age... But first...

Jeleva Delain turns her back to Road Warrior as she looks out to the audience.

Jeleva Delain: Where would my manners be if I didn't wish everyone here tonight a Happy Thanksgiving. A holiday that wouldn't be possible if your ancestors didn't backstab the Native Americans all those years ago.

The crowd heavily boos "The Vampire" as she looks away from them and returns her gaze to Road Warrior.

OOC: I know we are getting close to deadline so feel free to end this.
Jeleva Delain
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Kingdom D team? Empty Re: Kingdom D team?

Post by Rogue Monk on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:17 pm

Road Warrior looks at Prentis

Road Warrior: You were right she does speak as she should.

Then he turns to face Jeleva once again.

Road Warrior: So you're a Vampire, do you drink blood and all that stuff? know what, I don't really care, the only important thing here is you have nothing to worry about, my mind is set on destroying the UCW Team and everything they stand for. You will have to forgive me but now I will go backstage and take a rest before the match,  listening to this annoying crowd and their accent is giving me a headache. Let's go, Prentis.

Prentis Jollybottom: Yes sir, goodbye Miss Delain.

Road Warrior: Don't talk to her.

Prentis Jollybottom: Sorry sir.

Road warrior leaves the ring and walks backstage followed by Prentis.

OOC: The rp is still missing and ending, sorry but is the best I could come up with the time I have Sad

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Kingdom D team? Empty Re: Kingdom D team?

Post by Kyra on Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:59 pm

Added to the show with a very fitting ending!!

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Kingdom D team? Empty Re: Kingdom D team?

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