The day has arrived

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The day has arrived Empty The day has arrived

Post by Manish on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:41 am

The lights in the arena have suddenly been switched of. The spotlight is focused on Manish who slowly makes his way to the ring with a mic. Some of the audience in the front seat waves at Manish but he doesn't care about them.

Manish: Everyday in the training center I work hard and today that hard work has paid off. I
I am making my first PPV debut here in Kingdom D. And it's for my dream "Brass Knuckle championship".

Crowd chant yes! yes! yes!

Manish: So, now without any further delay. Let's be directly to the point. Juggles I hope you are fully prepared for the match because I am fully prepared and I don't want to hear any excuses from you after I beat you in this match.

Crowd start to chant yes even more loudly


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The day has arrived Empty Re: The day has arrived

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:48 pm

Suddenly Juggles intro theme start playing. Then we have a flash, then a bang can be seen and heard. Smoke instantly fills the ramp way, two spotlight than light up the smoke. A silhouette can be seen amidst the smoke. The form stands still for a second or two before jumping out of the cloud. Juggles than makes his way to the ring while the crowd is chanting his name. When he gets near the ring, he pauses for a second and looks around the arena, he than nods his head, runs towards the ring and slides in. He than gets up and walks towards Manish, stopping to stand right beside him. His music stops playing and the audience stops their chants in anticipation. Juggles waits for the noise to die down before speaking.

Juggles: Well...well...well...What do we have here? Another pretender trying to make a name for himself off the back of a legend...

Manish is about to speak but is cut off by Juggles.

Juggles: Well I don’t blame ya kid! I mean just by stepping in the ring with me you’ll probably have at least a dozen or so more onliney, social follower friends, or whatever they’re called. I mean that’s what all these youngsters want these days right? Now there was a time a man would climb into the squared circle and fight for his life, literally! Blood, sweat, tears...the whole 9 yards! But now...NOW! It’s just sad, lonely...PATHETIC!

Juggles removes his title from his waist and throws it down on the ground.

Juggles: You talk about training in the centre? And say you’re fully prepared to meet me in the ring like I’m some kind of JOKE! Well Manshee or Mantis or whatever your name is the only joke around here is that you, a no mark wannabe has managed to get a title match against a wrestling legend like me, for a championship, in your first match! I thought this business couldn’t get any lower but I was wrong! And that’s why I will be stepping down as Brass Knuckles champion and retiring from wrestling all together, tonight!

The crowd begin to shout ‘ONE MORE MATCH!’ ‘ONE MORE MATCH!’ ‘ONE MORE MATCH!’

Juggles: But before I call it a day I think I have just enough left in me to give you a much needed, wrestling education! RING THE DAMN BELL!

The crowd go crazy as the match begins.
Hank The Tank Harris
Hank The Tank Harris

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The day has arrived Empty Re: The day has arrived

Post by Kyra on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:27 pm

Well done! This has been added to the show! Very Happy

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The day has arrived Empty Re: The day has arrived

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