The Bold and the Merciless (Diamond Cage RP)

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The Bold and the Merciless (Diamond Cage RP) Empty The Bold and the Merciless (Diamond Cage RP)

Post by Zack Wolfe on Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:35 pm

Ever since day one. Ever since he laced up a pair of his very first wrestling boots. Ever since he had his very first match, his very first win and the very first time he felt the adrenaline course through his veins.

He saw himself destined for greatness.

He legitimately saw himself as someone who was on top of the world; someone who was going to take the professional wrestling world by storm, no matter how far fetched it sounded. When a wrestler called Diamond Cage finally got his big break, the young man thought that his time had come to ascend to his rightful place on the throne known as Glory. In his mind, no one could best her. Nothing could stop him or hold him down. Encased in his own little bubble where everything revolved around him, Cage thought full-heartedly that he was going to be the alpha of the industry.

But that vision of ascension never came into fruition.

And so, he was shocked. He was enraged and, above all else, he was hurt. When he started taking losses and came close to winning his big matches only to fail in doing so, it stung. It was like a venomous substance that infected every fiber of his being. It ingrained itself into his very core, harrowing everything within the young man. Failure was something that he was not used to, and the idea of him being nothing more than that never sat well for him after many undefeated streaks and such in his previous federations, with many street brawls and fights that he loved having. He hated everything and it drove him to insanity. However, that was to be expected as someone with an immense ego complex is doomed for self destruction whenever things don't go their way.

He had mental breakdowns and meltdowns, channeling his ardent aggression unnecessarily and letting loose like a defect canon. Soon, everything was so overbearing and it was all too soul-crushing for him to deal with. So, he left.

He simply vanished from the world without a trace. Any proceeding phone calls or worried attempts at finding her whereabouts were ignored and Cage decided to hang up his boots. He couldn't face reality. He couldn't look at a mirror and not feel sick to the very pit of his stomach whenever he saw the skin that he lived in. For a while, Diamond Shawn Cage hated everything about himself.

Because he became the very thing that he thought he would never become: A failure.

However, his perception of everything changed. Soon, he missed it all: the same rush of adrenaline, the action, and everything in between. Months passed on by, and while he was busy with other endeavors, Diamond longed for the day where he could go back into the ring and start all over again. The burning desire to return to wrestling and reclaim his status as a viable competitor was something that he was wanted - no, needed- more than anything else. That was why Cage decided to shake off any negative connotations about himself and decided to lace up his boots yet again, not caring at what others would say about him.

So, on October, 2017, he announced that he would be competing again in the squared circle. He had been refining his in-ring skills since earlier in the year, while also competing in various small, local indie promotions every once in a while to make sure that he wasn't rusty, as well as the same ol' street fights. Now that things were set in motion and the anticipation for his return rising steadily, Diamond has never been more determined in his life.

Diamond is back, and in the quest of his grandiose resurgence, he is seeking to claim what it is that he wants. In his new home. In UCW.. or just Kingdom D..


Diamond Cage: Oh, UCW.. KD.. this has been a long time coming.

The scene opens up to a setting in which we are presented with a space far more cluttered than a fortnight ago. Whilst the building usually remains dark (due to the lack of proper electricity), large windows at the top of each brick wall are cracked open just enough to provide a ‘spotlight’ to rain down on Diamond Cage. He stands tall among the remnants of what used to be a ceiling. Nodding, he speaks.

Diamond Cage: I've been keeping a watchful eye on this place for months. Trust me, not a day has gone by where people haven't mentioned this place. I've been aware of your existence. I'm sure as hell aware about the wrestlers here and how highly they think of themselves. After all, this is the place to be, right? No wrestler can truly consider themselves to be in the upper echelon of the competition unless they step through the ropes of this promotion.

It's no wonder why so many wrestlers have flocked over here immediately after Kingdom D was revealed. Everyone wants to be the best, prove their worth and add merit to their names, as they become a part of the KD invasion to UCW. The opportunity has presented itself for all, and now everyone is taking advantage of it. We all want to be the face of it, but of course, only one of us will ascend to the top and make history by becoming the inaugural KD Champion and take the crown. Or the UCW Champion, perhaps, but my home isn't specifically in UCW. I belong in the Kingdom, and I am in the Kingdom.

Diamond smirked, exuding the signature egotistical swagger that he was well known - and hated - for.

Diamond Cage: And I will.. excuse me.. GOING TO build my own there. I don't give a -censor- who you are or what you've done, but KD after it's fight with UCW will be under the Cage Dynasty and be part of an everlasting empire that will withstand the test of time, and none of you are going to stop me from accomplishing that. Ahh.. it just feels so good to be back. Though, some of you, if not y'all, probably don't know who I am, so let me introduce myself because apparently people ain't that smart to draw some research on me and are living under some rocks or something.

My name is Diamond Cage - The Ace in your Disgrace. I've been taking a break off wrestling for a bit, but I've finally arrived, after handling for so long hearing your so-called 'talented' wrestlers bragging on these wrestling rings and spiting things you can't back up when you step in the same ring and get one punch in your face and then you're knocked out, in which the other wrestler gets his hand raised and have a 'bigger' opponent then have the same situation your last opponent had, and then the same story happens all over again to the other plebs. I'm not going to lie, I've ran through similar things when I was still new to this industry, but after months and months and I've became undefeated in a lot of promotions, yet still haven't held a single championship. Why? Oh.. dumb GM is dumb. He'd like for some nameless idiots to be in the title picture, while I'm there, TRULY fighting and getting no chances. This world is just stupid.

He pauses as he extracts a bottle of lager from his hoodie.

Diamond Cage: I wouldn't say I feel bad for them 'cause they've lost the only true professional wrestler in their companies, but they asked for it, and they had it. So just suck it up. Anyway, I'd like for everyone in both UCW and KD to know what's about to come, but why spoil the surprise so early? I'm just gonna say that if you walk into a match with me with such a willfully ignorant mindset is like a career suicide for you. I talk serious, anyway, no playing mind games with ya. In fact, kids, I don't 'play' at all. I do what I usually do and hey, I'm also getting paid a good amount of cash for it, so it's worth the while fighting some stupid ass kids that have no actual wrestling talent at all.

Cage chuckles as he takes a swig from the bottle. After muttering about, he continues.

Diamond Cage: It's a shame though KD didn't put one of the greatest wrestlers in this world in their match against those UCW newbies. Beyond the fact that these people haven't won a championship within their respective promotions, they are also a bunch of untalented and generic wrestlers who have no impressive skills or techniques to them. I, on the other hand, have the tools necessary to destroy each and every single last one of them. My technical abilities are unmatched, my speed cannot be halted, and I can use every trick in the trade to outwit them in the match. It's just a shame.

Diamond sighs and shakes his head disappointingly, pinching the bridge of his nose. However, he places his hand back in his pocket and continued on with what he had to say.

Diamond Cage: I mean like, I'm not only an amazingly gifted wrestler, but I can use everything at my disposal to overwhelm my opponents and place them in holds that are damn near inescapable. I can exploit any weakness, and once I can exploit that weakness I will use it to my advantage. Go look at the many matches that I've had over the years. I'm unpredictable and I can always adapt to any situation. Majority of my opponents have crumbled to their feet as I've broken down every bit of their limbs. My precision and methodical mindset cannot be flawed. Still, you all will undoubtedly think that little ol' Diamond is all talk but no action. You all will probably try to come up with some ineffective rebuttal and try to discredit everything that I've said.

Diamond laughs, rolling his eyes before retaining his snide smirk.

Diamond Cage: In an ideal world, one of you who might face me one day would be walking out the winner, but in this world? This is a bold and merciless world where you will be cut down and your precious little dreams will be crushed.

After all, you'll be stepping into the ring with the Killer himself, and trust me... not a lot of people get a happy ending when they're facing me.

Cage then steps back, eventually stepping out of frame. The sound of glass shattering is all that can be heard shortly thereafter. Cut to static. Fade to black.
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The Bold and the Merciless (Diamond Cage RP) Empty Re: The Bold and the Merciless (Diamond Cage RP)

Post by Kyra on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:44 pm

Amazing introduction segment! Added to show! Very Happy

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