UCW Convergence Card

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UCW Convergence Card

Post by Kyra on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:15 am

UCW Convergence PPV Card

UCW Knuckles Championship Match (One Fall)

Juggles The Clown (Champion) vs Manish (Challenger)

UCW British Championship Ladder Match

Nick Romero (Champion) vs Eagle Hatori (Challenger)

UCW Intercontinental Championship Match (One Fall)

Soul Breaker (Champion) vs Glitter Arty (Challenger)

UCW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match

Surfers Duo (Champions) vs Mediocre Warrior & XXXTENACION (Challengers) vs Matt Danger & Zack Wolfe (Challengers)

UCW vs Kingdom D Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Bolshoi Booze & Angelok & The Fusion (UCW) vs AJ Skill & Road Warrior & Jeleva Delain (Kingdom D)

UCW Heavyweight Championship Hell In A Cell Match

Magnus Warrior (Champion) vs Hank Harris (Challenger)

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