ONE LAST TIME (Hank Harris RP 2)

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ONE LAST TIME (Hank Harris RP 2) Empty ONE LAST TIME (Hank Harris RP 2)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:06 pm

The camera cuts to ringside as we hear ‘Sound Of Madness’ by ‘Shinedown begin to blast out around the arena.

A huge roar goes up from the crowd as Hank Harris appears at the top of the ramp, wearing his traditional black trunks and black boots.

Korari Gruesome: Hank Harris is making his way to ringside, fresh from his number 1 contendership victory on last week’s show! And not that you will be particularly bothered King, his face look’s like it means business!

King Grixis: You’re right Korari, I’m not bothered. I’ll give a damn when it's time for him to face off against a real opponent later on!

Hank makes his way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Once inside the ring he calls for a microphone. His music stops and he waits for the crowd to die down before speaking.

Korari: Look’s like Hank has something to say to us all…

King Grixis: And I’m still not bothered.

Hank Harris: Firstly I would just like to give a big UCW welcome to all the new Kingdom staff members and wrestlers out there in the back.

Most of the crowd boo loudly!

Korari: That’s nice of Hank and very unexpected I have to…

Smiling, Hank lowers his mic and flips his middle finger over to the new commentators.

King Grixis: DID HE JUST....

Korari: He sure did but let’s just keep our heads King, emotions are running high and we need to remain professIONAL AHHHAAGGGH!!!!

King Grixis tries to get past Korari to get to Hank, she struggles to hold him back. The crowd cheer has Hank then directs his attention to the tron.

Hank: While I’m at it, here’s one for all the new guys in the back! A big warm, Hank Harris welcome!

Hank flips the finger to the ramp before carrying on with his speech.

Hank: Last week, a bunch of what I can only describe as, mentally challenged folk, saw fit to come down to the ring and attack myself and my poor old pensioner friend Magnus. Now I mean who does that? Who attacks the elderly like that, you can’t be right in the head to do that. Can you?

The crowd shout inaudible noise.

Hank Harris: And if you’re going to come down and attack Hank Harris while his back's turned, you definitely must have a couple of chairs kicked over in the attic...because that kind of *BEEP* ain't gonna fly! NOT now, NOT ever! Then tonight I arrive at the arena to find out that i”ve been booked in a match against a mystery opponent. One week before the Pay Per View, where I’m going to be fighting in what could be the last ever UCW Heavyweight Championship match! Now I can see what’s happening here, this is not my first rodeo boys and girls, hell no! I know that all those Kingdom guy’s and gal's want to spoil the party. They want to make a name for themselves...BUT...If you think that’s going to be at the expense of Hank Harris and my championship shot, you are all sorely mistaken.

The crowd cheer and a few whooo's can be heard.

Hank Harris: And to prove just that, I would like to welcome to the ring, perhaps for the very last time, someone who you all know I dispise, but hell there’s nothing that can bring people together like a common enemy! Isn’t that right Bill.

Suddenly the Regality theme kicks in and we see the general manager of UCW, William Regal appear at the top of the ramp holding some kind of document. He makes his way to ringside and takes the microphone from Hank Harris.

William Regal: Two things! Firstly, the feeling is mutual Hank! And second don’t ever call me bloody Bill ever again! Otherwise I’ll take this contract to the toilet and use it as toilet paper! You understand me boy?

Hank holds up his hands in defeat and backs away. William turns his attention to the crowd.

William Regal: As Hank said, this will probably be the last time you’ll see me out here in this ring, well at least as general manager. We’ve had a great run, put on some amazing shows and I have to say I have enjoyed every minute. It’s been bloody fantastic!

The crowd cheers loudly!

William Regal: But before I go I want to make sure that UCW goes out with the integrity and more importantly with the show stopper it deserves! We’ve had too many big event’s ruined in the past and I’m not having what will be UCW’s final ever Pay Per View going the same way! That’s why earlier tonight, as my last act as general manager, I took the steps to protect  the UCW Heavyweight Championship match between Hank Harris and Magnus Warrior by making it a….HELL IN THE CELL MATCH!

The crowd go crazy!

Korari Gruesome: I think the roof is about to come off this place!

King Grixis: He doesn’t have the power to make that match...does he?

William Regal: And before anyone in the back goes getting any ideas, the contract has been signed by Magnus, Hank and myself and is a legally binding contract! The match will happen and it will be a Hell In the Cell, there’s nothing anyone can do about that! So all you guy’s enjoy it, enjoy tonight and enjoy the pay per view, after all it’s for you that we do it! Thankyou and good night!

Regals theme hits once more as he waves to the crowd.

Korari Gruesome: Well if any of the Kingdom guys had any ideas about gate crashing the Heavyweight Championship match, they might as well give them up now, because there will be no way into that ring! A huge announcement and final act by William Regal. Any thoughts to add King?

King Grixis: Yeah...good riddance to that no good GM! Step aside and let the professionals take it from here. That goes for those UCW paper champions too! The Kingdom only accepts the best and I haven’t seen anyone on this roster that fits the bill.

Korari Gruesome: Big words King, big words! Now let’s continue with the rest of the show.

The camera cuts to the next segment.
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ONE LAST TIME (Hank Harris RP 2) Empty Re: ONE LAST TIME (Hank Harris RP 2)

Post by Kyra on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:20 am

That Regal is one smart ass! Added to show! Very Happy

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