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Post by Nick Romero on Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:05 am

Screens show a promo of Nick Romero addressing the match later tonight. Nick is standing on a backdrop of UCW logo and a British flag. A big triangular structure is covered by a red cover. He is holding his British title over his right shoulder.

Nick Romero: UCW universe, Kingdom D and whoever else is watching, this is your British champion speaking, the one and only, the N-R-gizer, the drug that makes the N-R-junkies go crazy... EXTREMELY ENERGETIC ENTERTAINER, the triple-E battery! Yes that's me, Nick Romero!

Nick takes a moment of silence.

Nick Romero: We live in the times of chaos. Just look at what happened with Hank Harris and Magnus Warrior last week. Alexander and Jesse are poof and gone, nobody's safe! Kingdom D has invaded UCW and they say that our days are numbered. Well, hold your horses, Kingdomers and dear miss Kyra, there's still spark in this battery left. I am the British champion which means I am a champion of the British people, and for them I fight, for them I stand. And in a moment where we should be as united as we can, I have to fight a cutter and backstabber Eagle Hatori for my championship. But that is OK, as I said - we live in times of chaos. And as my dear character Littlefinger said - "Chaos is a ladder!". Yeah, he's dead now but the message is still true.

Nick is suddenly taken aback

Nick Romero: Wait, sorry, I should've warned about spoilers! If you haven't seen the last Game of Thrones episode, then it's actually shame on you, you should. But oh well, cat's out of the bag - Littlefinger died but what he has left us is his legacy of wisdom! Chaos indeed is a ladder.

Nick removes the red cover to reveal a ladder

Nick Romero: So, Eagle Hatori, tonight we face in a one fall match and the winner of tonight's match will choose the stipulation for our title match. So be warned, I've chosen mine - Ladder match. This beautiful title hanging above the ring and one of us has to set up the ladder and climb this stairway to heaven. In this peculiar time, the match is what the British people need to see, that among all chaos and struggle their champions stay true to their name. So this I promise - I will defeat you tonight, I will go in the match as a champion and I will finish the match on the highest possible position - at the top of that ladder. And when I do that, Kyra and her lackeys, be warned - I'm coming for you too.

Camera fades out

Nick Romero

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Stairway to heaven Empty Re: Stairway to heaven

Post by Kyra on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:35 am

The champ is on his A game Very Happy Added to show!

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