The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus))

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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus))

Post by Collin Carter on Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:44 am

The lights around the arena slowly power off one at a time in sections, eventually leaving the arena pitch black except for the titantron and stage LEDs. The titantron flashes over to static and the stage LEDs power off at the same time. The stage and part of the ramp are slightly illuminated from the static. The loud scratchy static sound is heard blasting out of the speakers in the arena. The static suddenly cuts off and cuts into the chorus of "Evil Ways (Instrumental)" by Blues Saraceno. At the same time, the titantron switches over to a roll of AJ Skills highlights. The stage LEDs and spotlights around the titantron shine brightly through the arena, moving around toward the crowd at random. Both of the sets of lights glow with a yellow-gold color, putting a tint on parts of the arena. AJ Skills slowly makes his way out from the backstage area with a grin across his face. The majority of the fans immediately begin to boo after seeing him arrive on stage. He is wearing an all-black tank top with a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. He walks with a steady pace toward the top of the entrance ramp, stopping on the last step on the stage. He looks around the arena, observing all of the booing fans. He chuckles to himself a little bit, then looks at a specific fan in the front row. He points to his waste line, then moves his hands around it as if he's showing off a belt, then nods to the fan. He begins walking down the ramp at a steady pace, looking around the arena. He stops once again once he's almost at the end of the ramp. He glances at another fan in the front row, yelling something to him. Skills flexes his right bicep to the fan, then points to it with his left. He puts his arms down and returns his attention to the ring. He stands in one spot, staring at the arena for a few seconds. Finally, he moves into the ringside area, slowly strutting along the outside of the ring. He walks up to the nearby announcers desk and begins speaking to one of them for a few seconds. The ringside assistant hands AJ Skills a microphone. After he grabs the microphone he turns around, slowly walking toward the ring. With little effort, he dives onto the mat, rolling himself under the bottom rope. He grabs the ropes, using them to help him climb to his feet. He briefly looks around the arena and into the crowd. He places a hand above his eyes, blocking the lights, as he looks out to random spots in the crowd. His music slowly begins to fade out to silence. The lights in the arena begin to return to normal. After the music is silenced, a roar of boos is uncovered. Skills hears the booing and shrugs, lifting the microphone out to the crowd. They eventually quiet down a bit, allowing him to have a chance to speak. He slowly lowers the microphone, then moves it in toward his mouth.

AJ Skills: Ladies and gentlemen, -- The Icon is back. --- I know how much the pro wrestling industry has missed me, due to all of my great contributions to the business, --- It must've been so difficult for all of you to have to sit back and watch these sub-par wannabes parade around like they're the biggest thing out there. ---

The fans begin to boo, then start a quiet "U-C-W, U-C-W, U-C-W, ..." chant.

AJ Skills: --- And look at that, some of you here have actually been brainwashed into believing that these amateurs, rookies, and talentless dreamers are actually good at what they do. That's absolutely tragic... I feel so bad for the fans of wrestling right now. --- It's a tough time. --- All of the guys that everyone knew and loved have now retired or disappeared, and now you have everyone and their little brother out here thinking they can be a pro wrestler, or that they can run a company. --- It's poisonous.

Skills moves to the side of the ring near the announcer's table, leaning onto the ropes as he continues talking to the fans.

AJ Skills: So now you got all of these posers and pretty boys out here.. some of 'em scared of gettin' a damn papercut.. and it leaves the fans going home with their time being wasted because none of these new guys have the drive, or the spark, or the potential that one of the legends of pro wrestling has in their pinkie. It's absolutely pathetic.

He moves over to the opposite side of the ring, toward the entrance ramp, slowly coming to a halt as he continues.

AJ Skills: You have guys who wouldn't normally even be able to get a shot at the championship somewhere else --- as the champion of your company. That's also another tragic thing...

AJ Skills: And that brings me to tonight; and the main reason I came out here. --- If you know me, if you know my history in wrestling, then you know that I can't ignore championship gold. --- I just can't. -- And UCW is not an exception... Looking over the UCW roster and at the rest of the guys in the back.. there's no challenge here; it'll be easy grabbing. Like taking candy from a baby, no matter who the champ is.

He turns, looking into the camera.

AJ Skills: ---- Magnus. I know who you are; I've seen your work. You're definitely not that bad. --- Definitely have some potential. With a little more hard work and effort, you could possibly be an intercontinental champion someday, maybe. ---

The fans begin to boo loudly again, nearly drowning out Skills' voice. He disregards the fans disapproval and continues.

AJ Skills: --- More importantly, Magnus, I know you know who I am. I know you know what I am capable of, what I can do. --- I've been told that we have a match together tonight; it should be a real thrill. I just hope that when I run through you, kick you in the chin, and leave you laid out in the center of the ring tonight, it doesn't make you too afraid to put that belt on the line against me.

AJ Skills: After I beat you tonight, I do plan on coming for that belt too, Magnus. I hold no fear in my entire body; I am not and will not be afraid of or intimidated by you, or anyone else in UCW, for that matter... --

AJ Skills: Anyways, Magnus, this little dream you're being able to live right now.. Don't get too comfortable. When I am done with you, and I am the UCW Champion, you will see that you're nothing special. You're just another domino in my career; just like the rest, you will fall.

Skills pauses, smiling as he turns his attention away from the camera, looking back toward the crowd. The raging fans continue to boo at him, drowning out nearly every other noise that is audible on the show.

(( Magnus? Would you like to step in? ))

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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty A touch of Magnus

Post by Magnus Warrior on Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:05 am

The lights go black then as Warrior by Disturbed begins the crowd comes to their feet screaming Magnus Warrior Magnus Warrior mixed with chants of UCW UCW. A spot light suddenly shines at the top of the ramp. Magnus stands there head bowed not moving a muscle until the fans settle down again waiting.  

Magnus Warrior: I would have thought your time away from the spotlight might have given you a chance to come up with some new material but you're still singing the same tired me me me tune. Unless you plan on entertaining these fine folks by fighting yourself you better hope there is some talent for you to compete against. You mentioned our match tonight and for these fans sake I really hope you have spent some time training because all I can see is puffed up former wrestler doing a sad imitation of a one man band  singing his own praises. Our new owner insisted that I come say a few words when I could have been training, perhaps she is right the fans need to see their favorites cheer for them, but if that is the case why are you out here?

 Magnus looks around the arena and raises the mic towards the crowd, who immediately break into UCW chants mixed with Magnus Warrior chants a slight grin flickers across his face for a brief moment as he brings the mic back towards his mouth to speak again.

Magnus Warrior:You talk about a title shot? but who have you beaten to earn one? Have you beaten the #1 contender Hank Harris, have you beaten the British Champ? the only thing I have seen you beating is your gums! Come ask me when you have beaten someone to earn a shot, they are not just handed out for the asking. Or have you forgotten in you time away from the action? I am sure you have more to say about how great you are and how weak everyone else is and I won't keep you from it any longer but remember words don't win matches... actions do and that Magnus points to the ring is where the actions replace words and become something worthy of these fans attention and if all you have brought to the ring tonight are words the fans are going to be very disappointed and I will have an early night  
Magnus turns to leave as the fans begin chanting again ....

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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty Skills claps back!

Post by Collin Carter on Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:07 am

(( Oh, I certainly do have more to say. XD Razz Sorry Magnus! ))

AJ Skills quickly puts his microphone to his lips. A feeling of anger comes over him, feeling disrespected by Magnus walking away. Skills stares directly up the ramp at Magnus. He immediately begins to shout at Magnus to gain his attention. He carries out a harsh, irritated tone throughout his bit of speech.

AJ Skills: Magnus! -- How nice of you to show up --- You kidding me? You bet your ass I'm not done. You should know that by now. --- 

He chuckles to himself under his breath. He uses his empty hand to run his hand through his hair, combing it back slightly. He uses a joking tone, using some sort of sarcasm or mind games with his next bit of speaking.

AJ Skills: --- Seriously though, I've just begun; you may want to find a seat for this one.. --- This is our first time meeting, ... Sooooo we have LOTS to cover! ---

He pauses for a few seconds, attempting to pretend he's being serious. He pretends to remember something. He jokingly pulls a small piece of paper from the front pocket of his shirt, unfolding it slowly. He holds the paper up at his chest-line. Skills slowly lifts the microphone up toward his face again while looking at the paper. He clearls his throat into the microphone loudly for no apparent reason at all. As he continues, he begins using a more sarcastic tone, joined by body language to match.

AJ Skills: First of all, --- What a pleasure it is to finally meet you, Magnus Warrior. I've heard a lot about you, actually. --- Even though there are so many different wrestlers and participants in this industry, your work has still managed to cross my eye from time to time. --- You're certainly no jobber, or rookie, that's for sure...

He pauses again, appearing to be confused for a moment, he then speaks, changing the subject. He uses a serious, clear and calm tone as he finally speaks up again.

AJ Skills: --- Well I should really ---

Still forgetful of where he was going, he pauses once more. He seems to be considering on whether to say something or not. After standing in the ring pondering for a few seconds, he finally continues to speak. He uses the same calm and clear tone in his voice, conveying seriousness and focus.

AJ Skills: -- I apologize for going off topic, I just wanted to do this and get this part out of the way before I carry on and things in here get a little tense --- An introduction probably wouldn't come across quite as friendly by the time I add heat to the kitchen...

Skills stop speaking again, looking as if he's confused himself again. He carries on within two seconds, finishing his thought from before.

AJ Skills: --- Oh, you'll see what I mean later.. ---

He shrugs it off, then goes back to a sarcastic tone and body language. He looks back at the fake notes in his hand, continuing.

AJ Skills: --- Judging by your past work in the industry, working with you will be an educational and almost enjoyable experience for me. --- It truly is nice to be involved with someone who is on at least a close level to mine, as far as talent and experience goes. ---

Between the sentences, he stops using the sarcastic tone in his voice. As he continues to speak, taking barely any pause at all, he goes back to a more calm and confident tone in his voice.

AJ Skills: --- It's nice to know that the pawn in your goal to get a championship is also a decently experienced, talented guy. --- Someone who can actually give me a challenge. --- Someone who can actually make me give it my all. --- Someone who might actually give me a little sting back here and there. --- Definitely better than working with some walk-on off the city streets... -- I can give you that. You're going to be an interesting --- maybe even worthy --- opponent. ---

He takes a pause for a moment, his expression slowly changing to a slightly cocked grin; his lip is slightly perked up on one side. Skills is still standing in the ring, staring up the ramp at Magnus. He continues to speak, once again using the calm and confident tone in his voice.

AJ Skills: Now that we've actually gotten that out of the way --- I honestly feel better about what is going to happen here tonight, I truly do. --- Now, Magnus, before you went and turned around .. started running away from me .. there were some things you had said that kind of caught my attention. -- Really sparked interest with me.. So, if you've got a few minutes here --- I'd like to go over a few things with you... Perhaps just clarify some things for you? ---

He takes a few seconds again, pondering what to say next. He continues on, speaking with a 'keg' of confidence. He puts emotion into every word, enunciating every syllable perfectly clear.

AJ Skills: If nothing else, Magnus, -- The things I'm going to say to you out here, along with what I will do to you in this ring tonight --- Hopefully they will wake you up from this dream you're having where I'm not a threat. --- If you're lucky, you'll realize there is danger lurking at every corner now that I'm here. -- If you're as experienced as you say you are, you'll understand my history, my records, and my abilities, -- And understand how my past acts as evidence of what I am capable of -----

He briefly pauses again, collecting his thoughts as he slowly walks backwards toward the center of the ring. He continues, still using a calm and confident tone in his voice. His voice stays mostly quiet and emotionless, somehow not seeming very attached to the situation.

AJ Skills: --- Honestly, you seem to not be taking me seriously. You seem to be acting like I'm not anything to worry about, and just some kind of nobody. --- Maybe after tonight, you'll respect and trust the things I say to you. --- The Icon has no reason to lie --- pretend --- act ---. The Icon is a big, real threat. If you're smart, you'll start taking me seriously.

He pauses yet again, refocusing as he changes the subject. A slightly playful grin almost forms on Skills' face as he speaks up, interrupting his own pause. He speaks with a joking tone, seeming playfully excited.

AJ Skills: Aye, -- I told you to grab a seat -- Your legs tired up there yet, big guy? ---

He chuckles under his breath again. He doesn't even take the time to get a reaction or response from Magnus or the crowd, continuing to speak on. He uses a calm, yet slightly defensive tone in his voice as he begins confronting Magnus about his comments.

AJ Skills: I haven't changed while I've been away, Magnus? Is that what you're going with? --- I've used the same tune every time? Me, me, me? --- You're damn right. --- It is all about me. -- And that's the way it's gonna stay. --- I am AJ Skills and those who know me know that I tend to put myself before others --- As much as my opponents want to try to run their mouths and claim they're better than me; I'll always be the Icon of the wrestling business, and nobody will change that. --- And if anybody has a problem with me, or my attitude, or how I talk, or how I conduct and represent myself --- They're welcome to not get involved. --- So, -- I'm the bad guy because I didn't change who I am while I was absent from the industry --- have some full awakening --- come back shooting T-Shirt cannons into the crowd or something? --- I will never change how I act or what I say; it's just who I am. --- And if I have to be the bad guy for it, --- listen to the crowd boo me, --- or have people like you, Magnus, who cast shade at me for being who I'm meant to be --- That's just a risk I am willing to take to get what I want.

He maintains a confident, emotionless expression across his face as he pauses a minute for emphasis. His eyes are quite large, spread open, showing that he is speaking with intensity. He continues to speak, still using a calm and confident tone with his voice. He begins to noticeably gain more confidence as he keeps speaking, still staring directly to Magnus.

AJ Skills: And these 'fine' fans, as you call them --- I'm not concerned about them. -- They don't matter to me. They haven't for a long, long time. --- Guys like you, the guys who come around with one or two snarky little comments, then get the crowd behind you, screaming your name, --- That kind likes to think that the fans being behind them makes them good -- or that it makes them better... --- It doesn't. --- The only benefit there is from getting the crowd behind you is the fact that they're behind you. --- If you're watching a game of football, and one team is being booed by the crowd while the other is being cheered --- Is the team being booed any less likely to win the game, Magnus? ---

After the rhetorical question, Skills pauses again, refocusing as he continues.

AJ Skills: I'm not like you, Magnus. I'm not a 'good guy'. --- I'm not the nice guy who kisses babies and takes pictures with the fans at the meet and greets. --- I'm not the guy who high fives and smiles at fans on my way out to the ring. ---- It's just not who I am. --- And it's for one factor, Magnus. One. Factor. Alone.

He pauses again for emphasis, looking straight up the ramp, directly into Magnus' eyes.

AJ Skills: It's that ... I don't need the fan's approval to be confident that I'm good.

He looks back around to the crowd again as they begin to boo at him loudly. Skills lowers an eyebrow as an unimpressed look comes across his face. He sighs off the microphone, then continues to speak firmly.

AJ Skills: --- No, --- I never have needed it, Magnus.. --- Because the fans don't really matter. -- They're just here to watch the show.. -- We're here because this is our life. This is our reality. This is our job.. --- I don't need them to like me because I have the skills to back up things I claim and the threats I make.. --- I am a dangerous opponent to whoever I face.

He takes another pause, looking around to the crowd, then back to Magnus just as he's about to speak.

AJ Skills: --- CEOs, General Managers, Talent Directions, --- They want me to be in their companies. --- Not because the fans like me, or because I am good with interacting with the fans --- It's because I am a valuable asset for any wrestling federation... In and out of the ring, --- And I back it up. --

He pauses and looks over to the crowd again for a moment, then turning back to Magnus.

AJ Skills: Believe me, I tried to go with the route of ... giving attention to the fans and giving them what they wanted to see -- The guy that's trying to be the hero --- happy endings and good morals -- Blah, Blah....

Skills glances back up the ramp at Magnus, remaining on a serious tone.

AJ Skills: But, guess what, -- When you're a hard working guy like me who wants to actually move towards something in the company -- You go after whatever chance you get, no matter how it might make the fans feel.

He turns his attention, focusing on various spots around the crowd, although still speaking directly to Magnus.

AJ Skills: --- You see a steel chair, a referee whose fallen down, and your opponent in the ring, --- A chance for you to get it over with and capture the victory is right in front of you --- You go for it, and suddenly everybody hates you. -- In seizing an opportunity, -- suddenly, I'm hated by the fans --- ?

He takes an additional pause, holding his arm out towards the fans, as if to ask them "what's up with that?". He carries on.

AJ Skills: Clearly, they don't know what's best for me. -- What the best career move is... ---

The fans begin to boo loudly at Skills again, causing him to take another pause. The booing continues as AJ stands in the center of the ring for a moment. He looks around to them, lowering his microphone from his face a bit. He begins walking from side to side in the ring as he focuses on a specific fan in the audience on each side for a brief moment. He yells to each of them respectively: "What???" As they slowly quiet down, almost completely silent, he puts the microphone back near his lips. His tone is more sarcastic and disbelieving.

AJ Skills: What??? Should I not strive to be the greatest??? --- Seize every single chance I get??? --- Should I not strive to be number one??? --- That isn't what the fans are looking for, so maybe I should just not do that.. --- Yeah, -- maybe I should just twiddle around and wave to the fans on my way out... --- Watch the things I say so that the snowflakes in the audience don't get their feelings hurt --- Yeah, I'll just make the fans' happiness the priority over my goals... --- Hell no! --- Screw the fans; they can all get their happiness fix from the slackers and ignorant guys like you.

He stops himself, knowing that there will be a response. The fans, predictably, roar with booing toward Skills again. He shrugs to them, then to Magnus. He looks around the arena at all of the fans. He leans himself sideways, leaning on his left leg. He begins tapping on his watch with his finger and tapping his foot on the mat. He turns his head to the crowd again, listening to their boos. He puts his hand up, moving it in a circle as a sign for them to get it over with. Eventually, the fans begin to come to a silence a few seconds later, allowing AJ to continue to speak. As he continues, he uses the familiar calm, confident tone.

AJ Skills: --- That's not the type of guy I am --- I try to be the best at whatever I do. It's just my thing. --- And if I have to hurt people, --- bend the rules occasionally, or offend someone along the way; hatred from the fans will follow... But I'm going for my goals, and that's the only thing that matters to me. -- The fans can hate me all they want; that wont change anything for me when I become the champion. --- The loud, echoing 'boo's are something I have gotten used to over the years; I just don't care.

He pauses with a sigh and a shrug. As he goes to continue, he looks directly into the nearby camera.

AJ Skills: The fans don't sign my paycheck; my satisfied boss does. Fans don't give me a bonus either; championship matches do.

He smiles, looking back up the ramp at Magnus again. He confidently speaks firmly into the microphone as he looks into Magnus' eyes.

AJ Skills: -- Magnus, as for you, --- Now that I'm here --- I really will have anything personal against you at all, unless you're in my way of the title. -- So, as you can see, you're currently kind of in a dangerous position with a guy like me. You have what I am after. --

He smugly smirks toward Magnus before continuing to speak.

AJ Skills: Earlier you asked me who I've beaten to earn a title shot? -- Give me a break. -- You and I both know that you know who I am, -- You've seen what I do. -- 

He pauses, confidently grinning to Magnus as he speaks at this point.

AJ Skills: I am a 6 time World Heavyweight Champion. -- I have been representing myself all over the country for over ten years.. --- You wanna talk about defeating number one contenders?? --- Pfftt -- Throughout my career, I've defeated countless 'number one contenders'. --- Hank? Just like all the rest, he will be passed and forgotten about.

Skills pauses, glancing back up at Magnus as he gains his composure. Once again speaking with a calm and soft tone.

AJ Skills: Magnus, you're really not that important to me, specifically -- Hank, if he takes that title from you before I can, -- isn't very important to me either. --- That UCW Championship is what I'm coming for.

He pauses for a few seconds for emphasis. As he continues, his tone becomes even more confident and cocky.

AJ Skills: -- If Hank does, in fact, get the UCW Championship from you before I do; I'll be going after him, just as I'm doing to you tonight. --- It doesn't matter who the champion is. --- Whoever it happens to be, will be used as an example. An example to show you, the fans, and all the guys in the back exactly why Kingdom D chose to sign me and bring me here.

He takes another quick pause, discussing a new main point. He uses a calm tone once again. While he speaks, he focuses in, looking into Magnus' eyes as he talks directly to him. He attempts to make Magnus feel what he is saying.

AJ Skills: Tonight, after I defeat you one on one, --- you'll realize that you're stability as UCW Champion has worn out. --- You'll realize that you have a real threat to the UCW Championship, ---- and you will give me the respect I have earned throughout my career. --- You will realize that I am to be taken seriously; as seriously as you possibly can. --- Magnus, I am not just a regular challenger. --- And I am not your typical arrogant has-been. --- I am your biggest opponent ever.

He takes a slightly larger pause. Skills continues his eye contact with Magnus, staring him down as he slowly moves his microphone down near his chest. He thinks of something else suddenly, moving the microphone back toward his lips.

AJ Skills: If you want to hold on to that title, Magnus, you better be telling the truth about training and preparing for it... -- You better be on your A game... -- and at your 100%... --- Because when you really realize what I can do once that bell rings, --- and realize that it's not just talk --- you'll feel the UCW Championship begin to slip away from you. --- You'll realize that overlooking me and underestimating me is the worst decision you could possibly make.

He pauses again, chuckling to himself as he looks up the ramp at Magnus. He attempts to lighten things up a bit with another 'comedic relief' type remark. His tone is more joking, less serious and calm at this point.

AJ Skills: --- I told you this would be a long conversation, didn't I --- As I said, I've not met you under these circumstances yet; we have a bunch to cover. --- Just -- bare with me, bare with me, kay?

After speaking, he winks over to Magnus in a joking manor. Magnus and the fans look on as Skills visibly remembers something suddenly, slightly distracted in deep thought. He looks out at Magnus and lowers his left eyebrow to him. His tone is serious, calm, and confident.

AJ Skills: You said I'm doing an -- 'imitation of a one man band singing his own praises', Magnus.. --- Hmm, very deep statement. --- But at this point, you have to be wondering ... Am I really though? ... Am I just that confident that I have the ability to back up what I say? --- Am I just aware that I'm able to make these threats and claims, then do what I said I would do? --- You should be wishing that I'm simply imitating anything out here. -- There's no imitating or acting going on up here. This is reality. ---

He grins at Magnus cockily, confidently strutting along the ropes in the ring. He moves along the ropes and toward the side of the ring near the entrance ramp. He continues to speak while walking, speaking with a calm and soft tone.

AJ Skills: Well, among all of the differences that you and I have as men, Magnus, I have found that we do agree on something, --- Action does speak louder than words when you're in the ring. --- You're absolutely right there --- But when you can come out here and speak your mind, and have the actions to back up your words, it's an amazing feeling that no thrill can meet.

A cocky smirk crosses Skills' face. He slowly leans onto the top ropes with his elbows. He slightly perks the microphone up towards his lips so he may continue speaking in his relaxed position.

AJ Skills: -- You see, this entire time you haven been sitting there thinking that I'm just rambling on and singing the same old tune, -- or Talking up a big game, maybe.. Nope. --- The thing about me is... I'm not just your normal, arrogant little punk stepping into the industry, thinking they already run it. --- I'm not some washed up wrestler who never achieved anything in the first place. --- I am AJ Skills. Out of anyone else you'll ever meet in this industry, I am the most serious professional wrestler you'll ever meet. -- I put my heart and soul into Pro Wrestling. --- If I want to come out here and take up twenty minutes or more of the show's air time to confront the champion of the company; I'm going to do it. --- Yeah, I got a lot to say out here tonight; it's really not possible to call that unprepared. I have studied you, Magnus, I studied UCW before I came here. I have already studied Hank! --- I came here for altercations... I came here for feuds... I came here for matches with the best that UCW had to offer... ---- Make no mistake, I'm confidently ready for a fight with you.

He glances down at his wrist, checking the time on his wristwatch. He chuckes under his breath before continuing.

AJ Skills: --- I really didn't intend for things to take this long, --- but oh boy, does this feel good.

Skills grins toward the crowd, clearly getting a rise from speaking and causing the confrontation he has so far. He continues, focused directly on Magnus. His grin slowly fades to a blank expression.

AJ Skills: Tonight; the night that I'm actually making my debut in the ring.. You expect me to just sit back and not come about and make my presence known? -- To not come out and attempt to provoke you? -- To not try to get into your head? --- Tonight is my opportunity to show everyone around here who I am; my introduction. --- You'd have to be a fool to think I wasn't going to show up and make a big statement. ---

He smugly scoffs, looking back to the crowd, then straight back to Magnus. He continues on, using the calm tone in his voice once again. As he goes on, his voice increases slightly in volume as he gets more into it. Near the end of his line of speech, his tone begins to become more provocative. 

AJ Skills: I attempted to come out here to speak my mind... Show the world how I've been feeling the last year... --- I get a few statements out there, --- Then I get a short response from you, and you're already on your way out?? --- Did I stump you, or are you just not really a talkative guy?? -- Or is it just that you're not quite as passionate about the industry as I am..? -- Lacking inspiration or the words to say? -- Come on, The Icon out here, trying to give your fans some content... trying to give you an enemy to go after... --- and you were going to walk away instead of even formally finishing our introduction? -- Well, how rude! --- Then you would've just missed all of this educational moment...

Skills smirks, seeming to be a bit fired up and amped up with energy. His confident tone takes priority as the volume of his voice raises slightly. He sounds very excited and focused as he continues to speak.

AJ Skills: --- Yeah, I talk a big talk. -- Yep, I enjoy 'singing my own praises'. But after tonight, Magnus, when you encounter what it's like to have a match with The Icon, you'll understand exactly who I am. You'll realize why I say the things I do.. or why I get to come out here and speak my mind for as long as I want, and not have any repercussions. You'll figure out that ... 'talking myself up' ... is actually just describing my talents, skills, and abilities. --- And you'll see why I am able to call myself 'The Icon' of Professional Wrestling. 

He looks around to the fans for a moment, taking in their responses. The booing begins to get slightly loud again, but not loud enough to drown out AJ's voice. Skills looks back to Magnus swiftly, continuing. By the tone of his voice, it is obvious that he is beginning to wrap up what he has to say.

AJ Skills: Enjoy the experience that you are seeing, Magnus. Your witty little remarks and the favor of the fans will simply distract and occupy your mind while I rob you blind, and give this company a real champion.

Skills stops, nodding up and down at Magnus momentarily before he speaks again.

AJ Skills: Yeah; this is what you have to deal with at the top, now, Magnus. --- The Icon --- AJ Skills --- The most driven man in all of Professional Wrestling --- is here in UCW. --- He's come to get things done --- And he's here to stay.

He smirks as he looks up the stage at Magnus with a confident smirk on his face. He slowly lowers the microphone a bit to his side, keeping eye contact with Magnus. Skills looks around the arena to the crowd, then uses his left hand to move his hair out of his face. He keeps his position, leaned on the top ropes toward the entrance ramp. He awaits some type of response from Magnus, assuming he'll have a response.

(( Sorry about the super long reply; it's my first AJ Skills rp that I'm actually feeling for a long time. Then, I just ended up revising it, and revising it again... and again... --- But yeah, I think it's finally done now... It's quite the read, but aye, it should make for some interesting segments between us. The ball is in your court, Magnus. ))

(( Edit: Lol over 24,000 characters/letters, and over 4,300 words.... Woops. ))

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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty Magnus is Impressed

Post by Magnus Warrior on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:51 am

Magnus looks at AJ then looks down at his watch then back to AJ then raises the mic to speak

Magnus Warrior: Are you sure you're finished? 

Magnus looks at his watch again then back to AJ then back to his watch

Magnus Warrior: That was an impressive speech may I tell you what impressed me the most? "I am the Icon I do and say what I want when I want blah blah blah. I am going to get inside your head something something. I don't care about the fans I don't need the fans more blah blah.I have been all over the world making this same speech blah something blah. While you worry about what the fans think I will rob you blind and give this company a real champion" 

Magnus looks puzzled as if trying to remember something he tapps the side of  his head, his expression brightens 

Magnus Warrior: ah yes that was it you were trying to help me by giving me an enemy to go after. And you think I dismissed you because I don't take you seriously. Well since this is an Education Session... I am a man of few words, my concern for the fans only goes as far as seeing that they get what they paid for, my best possible performance. I have fought all over the world also but the past does not win matches any more than words do. My "passion" as you put it is for the match itself not the glory or even the money for that matter though it has it's uses. I do not need the fans to feel good about myself I do respect that they put down hard earned money to see this show and I respect that with no fans there would be no money for you to brag about getting.And yes I did dismiss you not because I have a low opinion of your ring skills I just have a low tolerance for people who talk too much. I am not here just to do a "job" I am here because competing in that ring is what I have dedicated and trained my whole life to do. You are not my enemy or my friend you are just the man I am competing with tonight nothing more nothing less.
Emotions and egos in a combat are a distraction and I don't like distractions, I do favor discipline and self control and regardless of your ring skills they seem to be something you have no regard for. 

Magnus removes his hood and jacket revealing massive scars from the burns he suffered years ago and more recently in the boiler room fire and looks at AJ as he folds his jacket across one arm with the UCW belt on top of it. He flexes slightly showing extremely well toned muscles. And speaks again in a firm clear voice as the fans react to seeing him without his jacket for the first time with a mixture of shock and awe 
 Magnus Warrior: If you think you can scare me with the threat of what you can do in the ring... I have already been through far worse than you can possibly imagine so I ask you to forgive me if your song and dance does not have me quaking in my boots. Now I am done with this chest thumping exercise...

Magnus thumps his chest with his free hand once for emphasis and raises the mic back to his lips to speak
  Magnus Warrior: You may continue if it "feels good" to you but I have other things to attend to, perhaps some of the Kingdom D people can come down and help you with your feelings since your people seem to prefer to travel in packs.One last thing you mentioned the lengths you're willing to go to for a victory... Remember in a world without rules.. only the most vicious animals survive. I have survived much more vicious animals than AJ Skills and none of them can claim a lasting victory over Magnus Warrior.

 Magnus drops the mic and raises the UCW belt high as he walks backstage and his music plays. the fans at first still in shock begin to chant UCW UCW UCW
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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty Re: The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus))

Post by Magnus Warrior on Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:14 am

eeh not quite as long though for me it's at least a novelette Razz the scars or rather the fires are from earlier rp's this season Magnus had mental issues following the fire that destroyed his martial arts school and Juggles set him on fire in the boiler room prior to their ppv match that ended their feud ppv match ended with Juggles in a straight jacket soaked in lighter fluid and Magnus striking a match as the lights went out < because I don't know how much if any you have followed Magnus sorry if it's all old news...
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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty Re: The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus))

Post by Kyra on Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:08 pm

OOC: Hate to cut this short but I had to add it to the show to get it aired.

AJ If you have more to add then I encourage you to use the Podcast to do so Smile

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The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus)) Empty Re: The Rebirth of The Icon ((Later in the show)) ((Open to Magnus))

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