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Post by Mask of Fury on Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:46 am

Mask of Fury's theme music plays throughout the arena, he is coming out to address the fans and probably wrestlers as well, even though he wasn't scheduled to be here tonight.
Then again when did that ever stop The Furious one!!
A mixture of booing and cheering as UCW fans hate him for siding with Kingdom D.
He makes his way to the ring and flips over the top rope with ease and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air, just to get louder boos with the home fans.
he receives a mic and just as he is about to start talking, the UCW crowd get louder and louder.

Mask of Fury: I can wait all night but if you want to see some wrestling action, you better hush people.

The crowd falls silent shocked that Mask of Fury speaks English just like them.

Mask of Fury: Whats wrong with you?
Expecting Spanish or American perhaps?
I speak English as clearly as any of your UCW dim wits do and maybe better than you do.
I joined Kingdom D to earn a living and maybe find a home.
Many Federations signed me, abused me, got what they wanted and threw me on the streets.
So when I was approached to come and teach some London company some manners, I was on the first plane into this cesspool, you call London.

Boos ring out and some fans are throwing rubbish into the ring at Mask of Fury.

Mask of Fury: Truth hurts doesn't it?
And you know what?
Your reaction is what I came here for tonight and you suckers fall for it hook line and sinker.
I don't know what garbage UCW fans are used too but you have seen nothing, I REPEAT NOTHING, till you see Kingdom D wrestlers, Hell no change that Kingdom D Superstars in action.
Save up your hard earned pennies and make your way to America, where you will see some real class action and I promise you it will get Furious!!

Fans are going wild and security is surrounding the ring for fear of a riot.

Mask of Fury: I guess I have wound you up enough now, just like a clock spring.
I could verbally attack your Royal Family or your history but you are not worth any more of my time.
Enjoy the show especially when Kingdom D Superstars appear, it is time to see the future, not the past.
Whenever I fight, expect it to be FURIOUS!!!

Mask of Fury drops the mic to the canvas, like he doesn't give a damn, and takes his time leaving the ring.
Fans are so angry at him, the guards escort him to the back for his own safety as the scene fades out when he reaches the backstage area.

Mask of Fury
Mask of Fury

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Fury Reflects Empty Re: Fury Reflects

Post by Kyra on Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:44 am

lol one amazing heel segment! And Added to show Very Happy

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