The Wolfe has Arrived!

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The Wolfe has Arrived! Empty The Wolfe has Arrived!

Post by Zack Wolfe on Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:24 pm

The camera fades in from black, and we find ourselves watching some random guy walking in the corridor, wearing a dark blue V-Neck t-shirt and a pair of jeans with sunglasses over his face, as he eventually stops next to the VIP room of UCW. He takes a quick glance at the door, removing his sunglasses, before beginning to speak to himself.

Man: Hmm, I wonder..

???: Hey you!

A voice off camera can be heard as he, who looks to be a security guard, walks into the scene and then grabs the guy from his t-shirt.

Security Guard: Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?

Man: Excuse me, can't a man nerp in his new home in peace?

The guard looks away as he shouts to someone else.

Security Guard: Hey Jackson! Come and check this damn intruder with me!

Another guard runs as he reaches to both men, as he glares at the man who's eyebrows are raised in 'confusion'.

Man: I don't really see a point of having two security guards glaring at me with fire in their eyes as if I was about to enter the women's locker room or something.

Security Guard #2: That would've been wors-

The first guard cuts the other one off as he speaks in a now more louder voice to the man.

Security Guard: Shut up and just answer my questions! Who in the world are you?

The man shrugs off at the loud shouting as he hooks an arm around the second guard's neck, his sunglasses still in his other hand.

Man: Y'know, man, you seem like a quiet one.. though, I've come here with some really weird ass reason as I've just arrived planet Mearth again and th-

Security Guard: I didn't ask you for your freaking life story!

Man: ... And.. Jackson, ain't that your name? Can you please shut that other loudmouth next to me?

This time, the first guard gets a bit angry as he grabs the man by the t-shirt again forcefully, making him accidentally let his sunglasses fall.

Man: OH MY!! Do you know how much does that even cost, you... uhh, I don't usually like to swear in my first appearances in a new wrestling promotion! But it seems that my sunglasses have now learnt how to nerp (fly) like it's father! Ohh, I'm so pr-


Man: Weird has always been the only word to describe a person from the Weird Planet.

The other security guard gets in the argument as he tries to make the first guard to let go of the man. Finally stopping him, he turns his attention to the guy.

Security Guard #2: I.. kind of recognize you, sir. Are you Zack Wolfe?

Man: Finally someone who knows me! I've always had faith in you, Jackson! Although we've met like from.. 3 minutes ago? Damn, Mr annoying guy! You're wasting my time!

The first security guard, after hearing enough, pushes Zack to a hot dog cart as Wolfe catches himself before falling. He turns at the guard then runs at him in full speed as he hurricanranas the guard to the cart instead!

Zack Wolfe: Wolfe may seem, look and act stupid, but ain't no one attack Wolfe like that!

Zack sniffs something as he follows the smell of something beautiful, but... he just hits a female worker.

Zack Wolfe: Oh hello there, se-

Female Worker: Nope. I have a boyfriend.

Zack Wolfe: And is he Zack Wolfe?

She facepalms as she walks away.

Zack Wolfe: Is it me or.. I'm also so weird at picking up girls? Anyway..

Wolfe reaches to a buffet table as he holds a cake, then looks at another man.

Zack Wolfe: Free, right?

Guy: Only for UCW wrest-

Zack Wolfe: So no cake for Wolfe? You meanie!

Zack throws the cake at the man's face, as the guard known as Jackson comes to Zack.

Security Guard #2: What are you doing?! You're making a mess!

Zack Wolfe: You just answered yourself. Though, I wouldn't say that this is much of a mess really. Any idea on where's the GM's office?

Security Guard #2: Why?

Zack Wolfe: I've been requested to go there. Don't ask me another why, they're personal reasons, or at least I think so. And no I ain't the owner's boyfriend.

Security Guard #2: Well.. follow me.

The guard walks to the office as he leads Zack to it.

Fade to black.
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The Wolfe has Arrived! Empty Re: The Wolfe has Arrived!

Post by Kyra on Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:08 pm

Added to show! Very Happy

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