The Danger And The Mess

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The Danger And The Mess  Empty The Danger And The Mess

Post by Matt Danger on Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:34 pm

Matt danger just exits his limo wearing The Danger Zone T-Shirt and a black jean.

Matt Danger:Hmm what do I do first? I guess I will go greet my fellow co-workers

Matt Danger walks to hand shake a co-worker

Matt Danger:What's your name man?

Co-Worker:My name is Brian

Matt Danger:Alright Brian see you later

Matt Danger walks for like 5 second but then stops and then Superkicks Brian (The Co-Worker) and then Matt Danger Smiles

Matt Danger:Alright who is next?

Matt Danger sees another Co-Worker

Matt Danger:What are you looking at huh you want something you want a fight well then let's have one

Matt Danger superkick the Co-Worker so hard and then sees a pen on a table next to him and then grabs it and then writes "Made By Matt Danger" on his forehead

Matt Danger:Alright what's next now

Matt Danger sees Two Co-workers talking to each other

Matt Danger:Why are you guys talking to each other GET BACK TO WORK!

Co-worker 1:But who are you

Matt Danger:Ask your mom about me

The Co-worker punches Matt Danger but Matt Danger laughs

Matt Danger:Alright my turn

Matt Danger picks up the Co-worker who punched him and hits him with a devastating knee to the face and then looks at the other Co-worker who is terrified

Matt Danger:Boo

The Co-worker runs as fast as he can and then Matt Danger looks at the mess he caused

Matt Danger:Well message sent there is no difference between the danger and the mess

Matt Danger hits the camera man as the camera man falls down breaking the camera with him as the camera cuts quickly to commercials

OOC:I did the rp from my mobile sorry I didn't add the colour

Matt Danger

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The Danger And The Mess  Empty Re: The Danger And The Mess

Post by Kyra on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:19 pm

Uploaded to show Smile

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