Arrival of Mask of Fury

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Arrival of Mask of Fury

Post by Mask of Fury on Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:46 am

A cold wet day in London and a figure coming through Gatwick airport, only lifting his mask up in private as he goes through passport control.
Nobody knows this man or what he looks like but he is carrying a sports bag with the logo Mask of Fury, on it.
He walks through the airport till he spots a sign held up for his benefit.
Not many knew he was coming so the company must have sent a driver.
Respect already, he thinks to himself.

Mask of Fury: This address, please.

Hands over a piece of paper, which the driver glances at and starts his engine.
One hour passes and the car pulls up outside where Mask of Fury will showcase his talents for UCW!!
But people will want interviews, photo shoots, and all sorts
Perhaps I will wear my Kingdom D colours, he thinks to himself
He spots a guard and walks up to him

Mask of Fury: Hello, I am here to see the general manager, that sent me this lovely megabuck contract, tell him I have come from the Kingdom, he should know what I mean.

The Guard opens the door and leads Mask of Fury inside as the scene fades to black
Mask of Fury
Mask of Fury

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Re: Arrival of Mask of Fury

Post by Kyra on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:04 am

Uploaded to four 4 Very Happy

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