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Post by Nick Romero on Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:30 am

(sorry for the late entry. My daughter had a fever all weekend so I've been partially in hospital, partially at home. She's better now)

„I’m so excited” fills the sound system and Nick Romero comes out on the entrance ramp. He looks quite furious and quickly walks to the ring.

Nick: So there’s a first I’ve come to the ring not all happy-clappy usual self. I think you don’t need much of explanation why,right? We all saw that both of my opponents tonight are cheap-shoting me left and right.

Crowd boos the mention of the opponents.

Nick: First, there’s Angel-OK? No, not OK! He is definately not OK. He lost fairly the first time we met and now he attacks me and Eagle after or match two weeks ago? That’s like watching a horror movie, then going home and two hours later screaming „Watch out!”. It doesn’t make sense. So, he has issues with me. Fine, I beat him once, I’ll do it again! And then there’s Eagle Hatori...

Crowd is mixed on how to react.

Nick: Eagle seemed to be an OK guy, fought fair, lost fair. And then, out of nowhere he goes for my girl when there’s a minor glitch in our relationship. What was that candy for if not to get her affection and attention? This backstab hurt more than Angelok’s attack. It’s like somebody took a serrated nail and hammered into my shoulder like I saw in one halloween movie few years ago.

Nick shows disgusted face.

Nick: And they both tonight are after my British title. But you know what? They don’t have what I have – you, N-R-junkies!

Crowd cheers with loud „N-R! N-R! N-R!” chants

Nick: That’s right, no matter how bad things go, I have one thing they can never take away from me – your support! The energizer and the N-R-junkies are a team. And tonight they are not facing one man, they are facing a team that will crush their spirit. Am I right, N-R-junkies?

„N-R! N-R! N-R!” chants continue.

Ring announcer enters the ring and announces the tripple threat British title match that’s about to start.

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