Season 2 Show 3 - Alan takes a stand

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Season 2 Show 3 - Alan takes a stand Empty Season 2 Show 3 - Alan takes a stand

Post by The Mediocre Warrior on Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:17 am

This all starts before the Fearless/Surfers match

Camera zooms in on Alan approaching the door to William Regal's office. Alan opens the door without knocking and startles Regal who is sipping some tea

Regal : Alan you bloody fool, what gives you the right to come barging into my office while I'm having my tea. Have you no manners chap?

Alan : Mr. Regal I'm in no mood to be cordial. After being bashed in numerous times with a baseball bat, there comes a time when someone has to take a stand. So let me get this straight. instead of punishing XXX for nearly killing me, you have him team up with my client? Although I must say they seem to work well together.

Regal : Listen here old bean, there's no reason to be

Alan (interrupting : No you listen here! I'm done playing Mr. Nice Guy. My client was robbed of a tag team title opportunity last week and you reward Fearless with a title match after the way they cheater?

Regal : Calm down you wimpy idiot before I stretch you and then you'll really feel pain. Yes Fearless cheated to win last week but the referee didn't see it and the referee's decision is FINAL. If you don't like that well then go do something about it.

Alan : Oh I'll do something about it alright, you just wait and see.

Alan leaves and slams the door behind him. Camera fades out

This RP happens during the Fearless/Surfers match

Alan approaches ringside and observes the match

Alex : Look at this Jess! Alan, the manager of The Mediocre Warrior has come to ringside,
what reason would he have to be out here?

Jesse : Well his client The Mediocre Idiot and XXXTentacion are still top contenders for the tag team titles. Maybe this scrawny bean pole is scouting the competition. Although even if he were to learn all the tactics of both teams, I doubt his moron for a client would understand it. Let's get back to the match! Fearless has just been dominating the champs, we could see new tag team champs tonight!

Ruthless continues pounding away on the helpless That Surfer Dude while Alan approaches the timekeepers table and grabs a steel chair.

Alex : Surfer dude is almost unconscious. The end is near!

Surfer Dude staggers to his feet. Ruthless bounces off the ropes to deliver the final blow


Alex : Alan just hit Ruthless with a steel chair! Unbelievable!

Referee : Ring the bell!


Jesse : Alan just screwed Fearless out of the titles, they'll win the match by DQ but don't win the titles! This is an atrocity!

With a smirk on his face, Alan starts to head back to the locker room when Ghost grabs him and tosses him into the ring

Alex : Uh oh, Alan is in big trouble, he's trapped in the ring between the two biggest men in the UCW.

Ripper and Havok both grab Alan by the neck. They lift him up in the air, holding him up for what seems like eternity before slamming him to the mat with a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!

Jesse : Oh ho ho, they almost drove him straight through the ring. But it doesn't look like they're done yet, more punishment in store for the little pipsqueak.

Ripper leaves the ring and grabs two steel chairs and brings them into the ring. Ripper gives one to Havoc.

Alex : Oh no! They aren't going to perform a con-chair-to on the lifeless body of Alan are they?

Jesse : Hey, all's fair in love and war. Turnabouts fair play, Alan hit them first he deserves everything coming to him.

As Fearless prepare to sandwich Alan with steel chairs, suddenly The Mediocre Warrior and XXXTentacion sprint to the ring. The Warrior trips on his way but manages to take out Ghost. XXX slides into the ring wildly swinging his barb wire baseball bat while Fearless exit the ring.

Alex : XXX and The Warrior come to save Alan before he can be permanently injured.

Jesse : Well you're partly correct Alex, XXX made the save. As always, The Mediocre Idiot trips and falls and took out poor innocent Ghost.

Fearless help Ghost to the back while paramedics bring a stretcher out for Alan

Alex : Well looks like poor Alan will be going back to the hospital.

Jesse : Maybe while he's there the doctors can give him some muscle definition. He's all skin and bones, kinda reminds me of Manute Bol HA.

Paramedics, XXX, and the Warrior attend to Alan and get him loaded on the stretcher and head to the back where William Regal is waiting for them.

William Regal : Warrior, your manager is a bloody moron. He could have been killed!

The Mediocre Warrior : Or worse!

Regal : Well I do admire his bravery even though his interference cost Fearless the titles.

Warrior : We get title shot now? Ooh ooh ooh!

XXX : Shut up you idiot! So I guess this means it's our turn now for a tag title opportunity.
And I highly suggest you agree with me Regal!

Regal : Very well. You are next in line even though Fearless deserves a rematch.

Warrior : Ooh ooh ooh! Me so happy I go run and call mommy!

The Warrior runs off knocking people over on his way to the freezer to make his phone call

XXX : Good answer commish!

XXX slams his baseball bat against the wall and walks away

The end

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Season 2 Show 3 - Alan takes a stand Empty Re: Season 2 Show 3 - Alan takes a stand

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:01 pm

Good stuff TMW...I've already written the ending of them match so that part will read a little differently, but everything prior and after the match will go into the show.
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