Interview with Magnus Warrior

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Interview with Magnus Warrior Empty Interview with Magnus Warrior

Post by Magnus Warrior on Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:45 pm

Interview with Magnus Warrior


Victoria Stone: I am glad I caught up with you before your triple threat match tonight, you are a hard man to find these days.

Magnus: I have preparations to make before this battle, I don’t have time to waste talking to unnecessary people, This match will show the UCW world that Magnus Warrior has returned to do battle once more and regain the honor of the name Magnus!

Victoria: Unnecessary People! Now just a minute who do you think you are?

Magnus: I know who I am, I am the Warrior that will bring the pure art of fighting to UCW. I do not need your approval or anything at all from you other than get out of my way so I can finish preparing for this battle. Before you speak again let me tell you what I am about then we can both go our separate ways to prepare for tonight, this is a distraction and I don’t like distractions before a match. The name Magnus Warrior once earned respect and honor and I intend to restore that, I will do this by focussing all my time,energy, and my life to perfecting my abilities in the ring. Tonight I am facing two other warriors who have prepared for this match so now if you'll excuse me I have more important matters to attend to

Magnus walks away leaving a flustered Victoria Stone at a loss for words momentarily

Victoria: I think I liked the other Magnus better at least he wasn’t rude!
Mutters under her breath “unnecessary people”  
Anyway there you have it Magnus is attempting to return to his former status as the top fighter in the world. Will he be able to get past the two current superstars tonight in his quest? Time will tell but if he does you can send someone else to interview him I have some “unnecessary” things to do

Feed cuts as Victoria stomps off angrily
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Interview with Magnus Warrior Empty Re: Interview with Magnus Warrior

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:30 pm

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