Magnus says farewell to his past

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Magnus says farewell to his past

Post by Magnus Warrior on Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:38 pm

to be posted near the beginning of the show
Magnus says farewell to his past
Parking Lot

We see Magnus and Sensei talking

Magnus: I can never repay the help you have given me over the years, I would still be walking around lost in my torment and guilt if you had not returned when you did.

Sensei: I had no other course but to try and right the wrongs of the past, my regret is that I could not come to you sooner but you were not ready. What will you do now?

Magnus: I will do what I was born to do, be a Warrior! I will start here proving to myself that I have not forgotten what you have taught me that combat is an art and the purest expression of that art is victory over myself first and my opponent second.

Sensei: I wish you a good journey Magnus I think you will do well on this path. I will be returning to my mountain to finish my journey, remember there will always be a place for you should you want to visit an old friend.

Magnus: I may take you up on that someday. For now I have battles to fight to regain the honor of the name Magnus. Farewell Sensei

Scene cuts
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Re: Magnus says farewell to his past

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:56 pm

Krazj - can you make a card for Magnus Sensei (he's just called Sensei). We used a picture for him in the PPV, can't remember who he was though???

Added Smile
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